Sunday, April 12, 2009


The first reflection I want to share is that 3 years ago this Easter we were visiting our sweet boys in the NICU and our hearts were scared and in such pain that we might never get to take them home. Their monitors kept alarming and they were having A's and B's left and right. We could not even hold them until late that night. When we left that morning to go to my in-law's, the nurses finally got them calm enough to take their pictures with their bunnies and Easter baskets. Then the biggest surprise was a huge card stock collage with the boys tiny footprints and pictures of them together in a huge basket with their Easter bunnies. That was the most touching thing anyone could have done at that point.

Praise the Lord we are far from that point and this morning on the way to church (at 8am) the boys were just carrying on the cutest conversation. WOW!!! Just a few short months ago they were only signing and now just to listen to them!!! Blessings abound!!!

There are memories and scars, lots of scars (physical and mental) from the NICU, but praise the Lord for where we have come!

We have had a wonderful weekend! The boys and I are feeling some better and all are still on antibiotics. John was off from work Friday due to not enough work to go around and we got to spend the day together. We had thunderstorms and crazy hail storms. We had a tree to fall on the pasture fence that evening and then later that night our company from North Carolina arrived.

Saturday held visiting with the relatives that morning, grocery buying, more visits, a singing, dying Easter eggs and cooking up a storm. I also got all of our duds (clothes, for you non-southerners) ready for early church service. My parents had everyone over to their house after supper for visiting. Bedtime arrives about 2am.

This morning we went to early service and then home to cook lots of green beans and cream corn and some fast slaw for the Easter meal. The boys loved their Easter baskets that I made for them. They also hunted ball themed plastic eggs (filled with coins)in the house with their Daddy while I did the cookin'. We got to my parents about 11:30am and ate lunch about 12:30pm. We hunted eggs there and there was plenty of folks to visit with again. We finally made it home about 2:30pm and got the boys down for a nap . When they got up from their nap we hunted eggs outside again. They had a blast! Then we did bathes and dressed in pj's and headed back to my parents for supper. Home at last and kiddos in bed! We have been doing laundry and getting ready for another day of hubby being home tomorrow and storms on their way.

What a wonderful day! What a wonderful Easter! And, what wonderful friends you all are to share it with! Easter blessings and thank you Lord for all of them! Pictures tomorrow.......


Mamaoftwins said...

OH what sweet reflections. It brought back memories of our twins in the nicu. They also were in there during Easter. I remember my mom decorating their incubators walls with those glass stickon decorations of bunnies and eggs.hee
Im glad your feeling better.
I cant wait to see your pictures :)

whittybrooke said...

I love your new layout. Glad to hear ya'll had a good Easter. And that the Lord has blessed you with the lives of your two little boys....isn't He so good?!

Alexis said...

Thank you so so much for the recipe. Hope to try it soon. Jared is very excited about it.

Anonymous said...

Marva glad to hear that you and the family enjoyed the Easter holiday.

Now I can relate to premature babies and NICU. My niece had to deliver late last night by c section and delivered a premature little girl 5 lbs 12 oz but her lungs were not fully developed but is now in the hand of NICU and God.

She is a beautiful little baby and her name is Adela. My niece on the other hand had to have emergency hysterectomy after the baby was delivered as her uterus ruptured. So please keep my niece and baby in your prayers.

Vicki (Wheezymom)

Heather said...

Happy Easter Marva! Sounds like your family had a wonderful day!

MyKidsMom said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter celebration. What an amazing blessing to look at your beautiful little boys and know that the grace of God has brought them this far. I'm sure he has special plans for their lives. Many blessings to you and yours dear friend!