Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It Feels Like A Full Day

and it's only 1:07p.m.! Here's what I have done today..........

3:30 am hubby off to work, back to bed
6am up ready for day, checked email, prayed, did devotion
6:45am boys up, breakfast, brushed teeth, dressed
Then it went into a whirlwind...............

Post office, grocery store, unloaded and reloaded dw, 4 loads laundry, 3 meals of spaghetti, 7 layer salad for 3 families, filled in two cards, made a german chocolate cake, iced it, emptied all trash cans, cleaned both bathrooms, fed lunch and vacuumed around dining room twice (once at b'fast and once at lunch), cleaned off coffee table in retreat, started pink eye pea soup, made calls, marinated chicken for tonight's supper and finally sitting down to post. WHEW!!!!!!

I bought 12 # of cheap ($1#) chicken breasts this morning, as well as some cheap pre cut salad (also, $1 #). My beloved Vidallia onions are back in season. They are so sweet you could eat them out of hand and I do, like an apple!

My Aunt that has cancer (and my uncle) will get the german chocolate cake, a dish of spaghetti and a dish of the 7 layer salad for supper. My parents will get a dish of spaghetti and a dish of the salad as well for tonight's supper. We will have the same and tomorrow night will be grilled chicken and I will cook up the excess chick chick (as the boys call it) for later.

Speaking of the boys. We are using many , many LESS (that could also be said as fewer!) pull-ups. Mason is almost fully potty trained except at night. He has only had 2 accidents in over 2 weeks. John is close behind, but still poops in his pants.........BUT that is till progress! Yay boys!!!

Hubby has gotten to work 2 out of 3 days this week! Yay for that!

We are having a birthday party for my father-in-law Saturday night here. I've got to start getting things in order for that.

We are (me mainly) in the process of still cutting back the wood line along our drive. It is over 700 feet long! I think I have gotten maybe 45 feet done. It is hard work and time consuming when your kiddos are under foot. I am a very outdoorsy kind of girl and I can handle it. The last time it was done I did it while expecting the boys. Tough as nails........just don't tell (big)John! LOL!

I gave him a haircut last week and had been just trimming the boys along but it was finally time or the barber to intervene and he did a really good job!

Te roof is finished but insurance has not paid us the full amount as of yet, maybe tomorrow or Friday for sure! The roofer is a wonderful family friend and told us to just call when we had the!!! Praise the Lord! How many would have his crew here the next day, on a Saturday (and finished on Monday) to make sure that the rain didn't leave water damage and then wait (knowingly) on his pay........$4800.00 to be exact! PTL!

The boys are down for a nap, when they get up we have food deliveries to make. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

The weather is gorgeous here and we hope to play outside for awhile today as well!

Have a blessed day and Praise the Lord for our Earth! Happy Earth Day too!


Mimi said...

You are one busy girl!
Happy Earth Day!

Nikki said...

Good for your boys with potty training! Sarah Beth was doing great until that trip to Louisiana. Ugh!

We played outside for a while today, too. It was too pretty to stay inside!

smilernpb said...

You sound like you've had a hectic it's time to relax....and rest! haha

That's really good for the boys, B was nearly 4 by the time he was fully trained, and for such a long time, EVERY day, no matter what, he'd poop his pants, but one day he didn't and that was it. I am sure John will soon get over it, like B did. However, training M, when she was finally ready was a breeze, she took to it much easier, and much earlier in age than B. Goes to show that no two little ones are the same.

Thanks for the prayers for hubby, I just wish that I could take away his pain....but then again I have childbirth to look forward to in 14 weeks (OR LESS!) x

Mamaoftwins said...

WOW, you have been a busy girl!! Great job. Happy Earth Day to you too :)

MyKidsMom said...

Marva, you're such an angel to take people meals like that. I really need to do that more often.

Yay for the potty training progress!!

Michelle said...

I wish I had your energy! Great news about the potty training, boys are so easy to train. I wish I was on the delivery list for your seven layer salad, I love that stuff. Stop by my blog, I posted a great chicken casserole recipe on Tuesday that freezes well. Take care!