Friday, April 24, 2009

Off Duty!

Yesterday I had a full days with the boys and we all three exhausted. We had "school", dis art, had music, went to the library and then went to the garden and visited with my parents. We came home and cooked supper and Daddy was still not home from work. We went ahead and ate supper. While I am super glad he has gotten to work the last two days, he is leaving at 3:30am and last night it was 8pm before he made it home. By the way, he does NOT get paid by the hour. He gets a percentage of the haul.

I had given bathes and done the majority of the bedtime routines by the time he walked in. He had to shower before he came in contact with us because of the type of hazardous waste he had to haul. While he read the boys a book and did devotion I got a bath and then prepared the boys rooms for the night.

We got them in bed about 9pm and I crashed on the couch while John ate supper sitting beside me. As I caught up on my blog reading I came across this post (Waiting) by JMOM over at
Lots of Scotts. It made me think..... at 8pm I am exhausted! I need MY time! I get in the mind set that I am off duty when the boys go to bed. They are usually in the bed by 8pm, when they are not it interferes with selfish is that!

Our heavenly Father thankfully does NOT have that mindset. He is with us at a ll times and hears ours pleas and cries at all times of the day and night. Don't get me wrong, if my boys wake up and need something or they are sick I take care of them and love being able to do so. I just need that time right after they go to bed to connect with hubby and veg out.

So today i am going to be more diligent in trying to have more patience and be a better Mommy to my boys. I love them so very much and they are growing up so quickly. I intend to cherish all of the moments there are little sprinkles of teetee that misses the potty, every little bit of food that I clean up and all of the moments in between when I hear......."I lubbbbb you Momma! So precious are the blessings that God has bestowed me with to raise as his!

I am so blessed! Thank you Lord for all of my blessings, especially my little miracle boys!

Blessings to you today!


Mimi said...

Moms are never off duty.
Enjoy your children, our babies are truly gifts from God.
Have a great weekend!

Kristi said...

Amen! I am right there with you. My girls go to bed at 7:30 and crash on the couch with my laptop then, but thank goodness our God doesn't crash or veg out on us. Thanks for making us think. I have been trying to do the same this week as I have had to share my time with my girls and an 8 week old. Makes you pay attention to the fact they won't be there forever.

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

I have definitely been feeling the crash each night...and you're so right, we are never "off duty". On the other hand, we need to take care of ourselves in order to be the best providers we can, so don't feel bad taking some "me time"!


MyKidsMom said...

When my boys were little my hubby worked two jobs and it was so very exhausting. Even now when he has overtime (which of course I realize is a blessing) I really feel it by evening time. If I don't take a little off time when my kids go to bed, I think I'll go crazy! Seriously;)

It's always interesting to me how we moms who devote so much time to our kids still manage to feel guilty on those off times. It's easy to think we could do more, or spend more quality time with them. Your boys are so blessed to have a mom like you. Your love and care for them shines right through here on your blog. Just another reason we come back for more my friend:)

And I second that Amen! Our heavenly father takes such good care of us; we are truly blessed that He's always listening and watching over us.