Monday, April 6, 2009


Good morning y'all! The laptop problem was some viruses and other small issues. I got it back ate Friday afternoon. Noe, I cannot get my router reinstalled. I will be without it again for a few days. I hope to drop it off this afternoon. They were really nice and said to just bring it back in.

The boys have been learning their ABC's, some new songs and getting ready for preschool again in a few weeks.

Hubby has been working a little more. They actual had4 days work for him this past week! Yahoo!

Friday and Saturday we had a gigantic yard sale with other family members at my parents. Between 7 of us we sold $971. I thought that was great! We made over $300 off of our stuff. Hubby stayed home with the boys both days and I got some time off! I think he appreciates me a little more now. He did really well with the boys and kept things up too!

We are working on cutting the brush from the side of our driveway. There is a LOT of it since it has not been done since I was expecting the boys. Our driveway is 626 feet LONG to boot! We worked Saturday evening on that.

Saturday night hubby took me to eat at O So Good BBQ. It was absolutely delicious! Then we went to the rodeo. MY fil had gotten us free tickets. He met us there and we had a blast. The boys came home with cowboy hats and thought that was grand. They are just like hubby's hat.

Church was a no go yesterday. Mason was running a low grade temp with his allergies and we've had to start the eye drops once again. Bless his little heart! He and Lil' John are both taking oral allergy meds as well.

I still have a little sinus stuff but hoping it is on the mend.

This will be a busy week, since Easter is upon us and we have out of state company coming in as well. I will have some scheduled posts coming this week and maybe some spur of the moment too.

I do have a couple of prayer request though. First, one of my 16 year olds classmates was found dead at his home Thursday night. It was very devastating for his school and especially his classmates. They are not sure what happened, hopefully the autopsy results will be back today.

Also, the late cold snap is here. Tonight and tomorrow night it is suppose to be in the high 20's. We have a wonderful crop set this year, so we are praying the Lord will spare it. Specifically, we need it to stay 28* at above and we need winds to keep the frost at bay.

For all of you involved in the handmade thing, I will get your things mailed this week. Nikki, I will get your winnings out this week too. Thank you for your patience. Sometimes life takes hold and you don't know which way to go! LOL!

I hope to catch up on your blogs when I get the laptop back. I usually do my reading and commenting at night after the boys are asleep. While spending time with John. I can't take my laptop in there since the router won't I chose my husband.

Hope you all have a great Monday! Blessings!


Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

so good to see your post this morning

please pray for me this week - the kids are all home for spring break and two of my boys continue to disobey, lie and generally do what THEY want. it is very un-nerving and irritating.

love and hugs

Nikki said...

It's good to have you back. And don't worry about my stuff; I'll get it when I get it. Good choice, too, your husband over our blogs!

Mamaoftwins said...

Im glad your able to post. Missed seeing ya. I'll be praying for your prayer requests.

Mrs. Darling said...

So sorry about your friend. Hope you dont get too big of a cold snap for all them fruit blossoms!