Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Backing Tracking to October 10th.......11 Years

We celebrated our eleven year anniversary on Saturday (night-to be exact). We had a sitter and decided to go eat and to a movie (and to Sam's Club- Haha!)

We went to Lonestar (I had a coupon from there for my birthday, for an entree up to $15) to eat. I chose a steak dinner with a salad and baked potato. John had the trio with bbq chicken, steak medallions and fried shrimp with a salad and a baked potato. Then we had the chocolate something the other for dessert for our anniversary (it was also free)! ;)

We then went and got our movie tickets. We usually only go once a year to the movies. This year there was NOT much worth seeing. I had a $3 coupon off on each movie ticket that made them $6.50 each.........compared to the regular $9.50 each. Ouch!!! I thought that was high......I went to the ladies room and John got us the 2 drink and large popcorn combo..........Then he said that was $18.75.............NO!!!!!!! That is just crazy!!! After seeing the movie we should have just stayed home! I was embarrassed and I was thinking that the parents that had brought their 6-8-10 year old kids to see it had to be also! It was rated PG-13 but it should have been rated R! Enough said.

This is the movie tickets, the roses John got me and our leftover supper. It was yummy!

Here we are just before we left for our date. I felt like a school girl again! LOL!

How do you usually celebrate your anniversary? Have you seen any decent movies lately? What does going the cinemas cost in your neck of the woods?


Southerner said...

Happy Anniversary! We don't go to movies either. We usually go once a year during Christmas break- it cost our family about $100 to go. I heard Julia and Julia is good for a girly movie. What did you see so I will know! There are some I would like to see but know they will have bad scenes that ruin the movie from being okay to watch. PG13 is a lot of times worse than R b/c they are catering to the younger crowd and are cruder. Well, glad the meal and company were good.

I have searched and searched for a blog from our area that I could kind of follow on gardening. I have the Alabama extention office when to plant what list but am still overwhelmed. I like to see how people plant, what they plant together, tips on how to keep bugs away, and what to do with it at harvest time. I am sure others are like me and just feel so overwhelmed when they try. I would like you to consider showing more of this because I know you have skills (ha, ha)

Nikki said...

Happy anniversary! We usually just go out to eat somewhere nice for supper. Before we had children, we would take a weekend trip. Maybe we will start doing that again when our little ones are bigger. This year, the baby is due two weeks before our anniversary, so we will celebrate it early like we did when Daniel was born.

I have no idea how much movies are here, but I know that they are ridiculously expensive. The last one I saw was a matinee in June, and it was $4 something, I think. I don't remember the last movie that John and I saw together because we just don't go. There is very little that we want to see, and it is prohibitively expensive.

Ellie said...

Happy Anniversary to you and John! I'm glad you got some time out with your hubby :) My dh and I will celebrate our 22nd on Oct 16th.....we are planning on dinner out....we have been looking for a show to see but will probably have to wait until Nov....there is really nothing we want to see in downtown Portland right now. Lord of the Dance is coming in Nov so we may wait until then. Movies are expensive around here too.....something like $9.50 after 4:00pm so we always try to go to a matinee....that's still expensive though at around $7.50. We try to use our Entertainment book coupons and can get in for $6.50 after 4:00. I always have to get popcorn when I go to the movies! I just love it even though it is not so good for you....that can really add up. If the 4 of us go, with a movie and snacks it usually runs around $50. I'm finding most movies are not worth seeing in the theater and I would rather just wait until they come to RedBox.

Mimi said...

We usually just go to the $2 movies. A new release movie ticket here is about $11 for adults and $8.50 for kids. PG and PD13 are both pretty risque nowadays, so we usually just see the G rated movies, especially with the kids.
Your anniversary celebration sounds lovely. Happy Anniversary!

smilernpb said...

Happy anniversary!

Going to the movies is a lot here in the UK too, which is a shame as there are always lots of films that P wants to see (usually horror ones that I don't really if we wait til they are on DVD I can hide at the scary bits - haha). However, one mobile phone company here in the UK does what they call 'Orange' [the company] 'Wednesdays' which means that on those days, you send a text message to a certain number and it sends you back a code, meaning that at certain cinemas you can get two tickets for the price of one, so we go maybe three or four times a year (usually with the little ones' in the holidays as well).

I NEVER buy food at the movies, NEVER! I sneak it in in my handbag, yes I know you are not supposed to, but there is no way I am paying those prices! :o)