Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Keeping Up With the Happenings

It has been eventful around eventful (or eruptive) mommies all know what I mean! "I gomma bomit!" That statement is never least we were not on the carpet but in the kitchen.......which is worse? It's all yucky. John and Mason both are sick with coughs, congestion, runny noses. No fever but some greeny yuck from their noses. Then I was giving John his antibiotic this morning and he started coughing......I mean really coughing and I stopped about half way through. Then he said the above statement and IT happened. He had just had breakfast. Double Yuck! He got a dose of high power cough medicine and now is finally eating some dry Cheerios. Mason is fine (as well as can be). I hope they get well soon!

Last weekend we had our huge semi-annual yard sale. The weather men were predicting rain. And they were actually rained for a very short time on us twice! We made it though at least through lunch. From 8am until 12 pm we sold $580.25 for 4 families. We all were thrilled and had it packed up before 1pm. There were some things left and we all have raided our houses again......looking for more to add. We are going to have another one the first weekend of November.

I guess that is about all I have for now........

Have a great day and blessings!!!


Mimi said...

I have a sick boy at home, too.
'Tis the season! I hope everyone is feeling beyer at your house.

smilernpb said...

Oh I am sorry to hear your boys have been sick. B and M were unwell over the weekend, thankfully neither P or I have got it...yet! Bronte has been a little under the weather, but hopefully she'll soon shake it off!