Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back From the Dentist

Okay, so it was not as bad as we first thought. Bad enough though. Thank you for the prayers.

Today was cleaning, exam and x-rays.

Here's the plan for now: (since insurance will only cover so much)

3 crowns with buildup

I go back in a couple of weeks to get started. There is more to be done, but this is the most serios for now. We will shell out a little over a $1000 for this (above) AFTER insurance. I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. NOT!

I already have 7 crowns and much much more.......

I hope the boys inherit John's dental genes. Both of my parents had full dentures by the age of 24. They both had bad teeth. No matter how much I brush, floss and whatever they are bad each dental visit.

Do you have good teeth? Do you go to the dentist on a regular basis?



smilernpb said...

I must admit I am not a fan of the dentist, and although I do not visit on a regular basis, my teeth are not so bad and I have never had any major problems.

It looks like B's front tooth is coming in slightly off-course and in the wrong position so I need to get a dentist appointment for him. P said he might need braces, but I hope this is not the case.

Hugs! xo

Michelle said...

Oh Marva I feel your pain! I have horrible teeth, I take excellent care of them but I've had more root canals, crowns, bridges and fillings than I care to remember. I worked as a dental assistant for seven years before having my children even though I know exactly what the dentist is doing I hate going, LOL!

Thanks for the sweet comments on my last post.

Have a great day!!

Mimi said...

The dentist is so expensive! I know you are dreading the visits, but your beautiful smile is worth it.