Friday, January 15, 2010

On the Agenda

You might say, off the agenda since the day is mostly over.
In no particular order this is what I have done for the day:

*Got up 6am, got ready, packed John's lunch,prayed
*Breakfast, called children's hospital (several times), payed the bill
*Called computer doc, called bro in-in-law
*Finished class folders for Sunday night's meeting
*Dropped the boys off with mom for 2 hours, paid their bills, made some calls for them (parents)
* Did three loads laundry, loaded and am running dw, did lunch w/ the boys
*Went to post office and the bank
*Donated to Red Cross for Haiti relief fund
*Emailed Julie
*Ordered the boys more jeans
*Purged and went through things, pulled all yard sale stuff out
*Moved Mason's things from John's closet to his (after I cleaned out his closet)
*Afternoon snacks of Cheerios and fruit

We skipped school today.........

Yet to come:
*(supper) when I finish typing.
*Devotion and catch in Bible reading
*Promised bubble baths to boys
*Finish laundry
*unload dw
*Boys to bed after story
*order cupcake liners for boys b'day party
*down time with hubby
*maybe a long hot bath to relax!

What have you been up to today? Blessings!!!


Ellie said...

Sounds like a busy day! I think Mama definately deserves her bubble bath! Hugs :)

Mimi said...

A mom's work is never done!
Enjoy your weekend, and find some time to pamper yourself.
You totally deserve it!