Monday, January 11, 2010

Plans Scwans

You know how you have a day all planned out and then poof the day is over half gone and the plans went into thin air....yeah...that is so me today.

I know, some days you have to roll with the punches but it still stinks......thankfully no one is sick! :)

My planned day:

up, get ready, read, pray, devotion
breakfast, laundry, unload reload dw
strip beds, clean toilets, wipe counters in kitchen and both baths
make mixes (order), get ready to ship and ship today
boy's school, snack
sweep and mop both baths and kitchen, more laundry
lunch, boys down for nap, workout,
work on tax stuff, print labels, make business cards for small group
laundry, unload dw, boys up, snack, school
Mother's helper here, go to town, check mail, go to CVS and the Pig and maybe Wal-Mart
home, supper and the usual.......

The real day:
up, breakfast, 2 loads of laundry (not yet put away), unload and reload dw
make mixes, have no shipping boxes.......need to go to po just to get those
Mason starts acting out and it gets to the point where I have to watch his every stinkin' move. Nothing is working (time out, a spanking, quiet time in his room). HE is ill as a hornet, thank you Mr. Prevacid! We are thankful for it and the fact I am not cleaning projectile vomit up, but boy it makes him grumpy and then he gets mean!, We managed some school work and a snack
The boys are at each other, so we settle in on the couch to watch a dvd. I know bad Mommy! OH well, whatever works.
I fix lunch, we eat, put them down for a nap, return emails, phone calls and then realize John is still up! He doesn't want to a nap......tough, he is laying down......FINALLY!
If he goes to sleep I am opting out of working out for a hot shower (after I finish here) and probably more laundry.
I think I am only going to the po (if they are open when my Mother's helper arrives- they close at 4pm) and then to the Piggly Wiggly.
I could actually use a nap!
Then I hope to get some more of the other things done on my list.

How's your day going? What have you planned for the day? Has it worked out?



Mimi said...

One thing I've learned since I've become a mom-do not expect things to go as planned!
I hope that tomorrow is better!

smilernpb said...

Don't you just LOVE those kinda days where you don't get anything done that you wanted to?! lol

On a brighter note, you got much more done than I would ever have done!

Hope all is well with you all.

Lots of love and hugs xo

Nikki said...

Ooh, I have days like that. Don't feel bad about the DVD; once in a while won't hurt them. I resort to videos, too, and I think most parents do.

Heather said...

My Monday was similar. We are down to one car and hubby's ride didn't show. I had plans for a playdate with my girlfriends that morning- out the window they flew as hubby took our car to work. Luckily my bro called and wanted to come over around lunch so that helped break up the day! The bright side was I got caught up on all that laundry and dishes since I was forced to stay home.

MyKidsMom said...

We all definitely have these kind of days. And it's not "bad" mommy, but "smart" mommy; that's what rolling with the punches means sometimes :)