Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

I am so sorry that I have been mia for almost a week now. I had my new laptop at the shop waiting her turn in line. I am so loving my Dell.....after learning a little more about her in the last few hours. Here are some things that have and are going on around here.

*We are expecting a little snow tomorrow. Sure to shut EVERYTHING down around here.
*The boys are enjoying mommy being their new teacher..I am homeschooling for now.........they will go back to regular school in June.
*Mason has full blown reflux again and is back on Prevacid.
*They both are over the bronchitis and now I have another SINUS infection! Can you believe that? I had sinus surgery about 8 weeks ago!
*I am doing the 30 Day Shred dvd and am sore as if I had just had a c-section!
*Mason also has a rash. More on that we think it was just viral.
*John had to go into work at midnight on New Year's Eve! What a dud.......... BUT still praising the Lord for the work!
*I hope to change my blog design soon.
* I am reading the Bible through in a year. I did this once when I was a teenager.
*I want to list "my want to do this year" list soon.
*I also have January's menu to post soon.
* I helped host a baby shower for a new nephew (great nephew) due next month.

Hope all is well! I hope to read and catch up soon and start commenting again!


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Nikki said...

Good for you homeschooling! I think you'll love teaching your boys yourself.

I have a new appreciation for people who have sinus infections. It's unbelievable how sick you are when you have one.