Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Blog Design

Why, plaid you may ask..........especially BRIGHT plaid? Well, that it is exactly the same plaid as my favorite lounge pants and I feel at home and cozy when I wear them. I want you to feel at home and cozy when you visit my blog, so that is why.

I just hope it is not too busy.....what do you think?



smilernpb said...

Gosh, it's bright!

I had your blog open in a small window and when I opened it, my eyes got a shock! Haha. I will soon get used to it!

Hope you are having a lovely 2010? x

Nikki said...

It is a little busy, but I like it!

Michelle said...

I love your new look!

Julie said...

I love it!

Kristi said...

Cute, and cute idea behind it.