Friday, February 12, 2010

Another Eventful Day, Just Better!

It snowed today!!!! That is the kind of excitement that we can surely use!

Here are the boys in our front yard. I had them so bundled up they could barely move.
This is the fruit market , packing house and my parents house (or the backs of). This is from our front porch.

Here is a shot of the pond and if you look very close you will see the orange tractor (my Daddy and brother were feeding the cows).

Here are John on the left and Mason on the right, being their peachy selves!

This shot is from my back door. That is my brother and sil's house.

Did it snow at your house today? Blessings!!!


Nico said...

Congrats on the snow! I was wondering about you guys. I hope that you are enjoying the Winter weather, your kiddos sure look happy :)

Julie said...

Love your pictures! I can just imagine myself there in the spring and summer - oh what a beautiful place.

The boys look like they are having a great time!

smilernpb said...

Oh yay for you!

Thankfully the snow is not hitting us here in the North East, although we have had some frosty mornings, but *fingers crossed* that is it gone for us.

This winter sure has hung around, and I could do with P actually getting some work now!! :o)

Love and hugs xo

PS The boys look so cute!

Nikki said...

We have snow, but no power. We are at my parents now because they do have power. I haven't been able to go out and play in the snow yet because Rachel has needed me inside, and we think she is just too little to be out in the cold - at two weeks. Hopefully, later she'll sleep so I can go outside with everyone else.

Michelle said...

The boys sure look like they are having fun!!! Enjoy!!!! Thanks for the award!