Monday, February 8, 2010

Holding My Babies A Little Tighter Today

This morning I slept in and enjoyed it. I sit here now at lunch time with a cup of hot coffee laced with milk and sugar and the smell of vanilla breeze and apple cinnamon coming from candles and it is lovely.

I will read a bedtime story to the boys as they eat lunch in a few minutes. I skipped cooking breakfast and we made do this morning but that was okay, even John said so. I am delightfully happy and aware despite the pain I am in today. My back aches and my stomach cramps due to the female things occuring and are beyond my control. I am happy nonetheless.

Church was positively wonderful yesterday. The message from Joshua. The fellowship with our friends was so overdue and the boys were in a wonderful mood after Sonshine fellowship and Sunday school. Upon arriving home yesterday I learned that my Daddy was terribly sick with the tummy troubles and Immodium, Gatorade and Phenegran was sent on its way. He is weak today but better. I am thankful!

The brakes went out on my Durango on the way in from church and we took it to the shop early this morning for them to be fixed and the oil changed. We borrowed a vehicle for John to drive to work and I headed to the grocery store in his truck with the boys in tow to get my parents a few things and get some discounted meat for the week. Don't worry I just put things in the door at my parents and left quickly while sanitizing my hands and washing promptly at home with soap and water.

We got home and I finally had breakfast gave the boys a snack and set down at the computer to pray and do deovtion. Then I saw this and well then read it and weeped and prayed for them and weeped some more. Then I cuddled with my boys, their dogs and blankets and watched a movie. I am just holding my babies a little tighter today...........the rest will wait.


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Julie said...

I read your post and then hopped over to the "post" you spoke of. Isn't she gorgeous? I can't imagine what she is going through though.

Hugs and love Dear Marva! Hope you get a Kindle soon!