Friday, February 12, 2010

Dentist, Surgery, Nap, Blood, 911, Ambulance

Yesterday started at pretty normal, hubby to work, boys to parents and me to the dentist. I had 3 temp crowns done on the bottom and a few stitches around the molar tooth (where one of the temp crowns was done) but I still feel a a little piece flapping. I picked up the boys and we all three headed home and then went down for a nap. About an hour into the nap I hear little John screaming, "there's blood eveawere mommmmmmmaaaaaa"! I ran in there and he was standing in his bedroom blood coming from his nose and mouth. There's blood in the floor, in his bed, on the covers, his clothes, his hands, face is covered and in his hair. I remained as calm as I could grabbed the phone, got him in the bathroom (Mason is still asleep-thank the Lord). I dialed the peds office, only to be put on hold-evidently I was TOO calm). I hung up, called my parents and then 911. The first responders were here in 3 minutes, by then we had (my parents were here then too)it almost stopped. Then the ambulance came. My Dad went and woke Mason up, so that the sirens would not scar him as they came up the driveway. The paramedics thoroughly checked John out and I finally got through and talked to the doctor himself. The first responders left with the ambulance crew and things finally got calmer. My Mom and Dad took care of John and I was cleaning up things. Mason was playing on his own and my bff busted in the front door then my brother and oldest nephew and then other friends that had heard. Things get around in a small town. John had two more minor bleeds after the BIG one and we finally got things settled and everyone gone by 6;30pm. Not long after that Big John got in from work and we were able to get the boys to bed and vaseline in John's nostrils and him settled. I also got the cool mist humidifier set up and going (before bedtime). We all slept all night and got up about 6am. And guess what is happening now?

It's SNOWING!!!!! Yep, you read that right. It sure is right here in little ole Blount County Alabama! How cool is that? We are suppose to get up to 3inches. It would be much more fun if big John were here with us but we are still going to play later this afternoon.

And me, well let's just say I am practically eating ibuprofen like candy. I am in a great deal of pain but it should be better in a few days. I am just so grateful that little John is okay and we were able to stay home!

So, how's the weather in your neck of the woods?

Blessings and stay warm!


Southerner said...

no snow for us yet. I think it is all staying south of us. Enjoy it! I think you most live the most eventful life of anyone I know! Hope you feel better soon with your mouth, and little John doesn't have any more nose bleeds. You need some moisture in his room if you aren't using a humidifier already.

Julie said...

OH My GOODNESS! How scary!!! Did His nasal passages dry out to cause all of that blood?

My heart would have stopped! Praise God for all those how came so quickly! Great job staying calm!!!!!

I so feel for you and your pain.

Hugs Dear Friend!

Marva said...

Hi Holly and Julie!

Yes, there is a humidifer in his room and they doc did seem to think it was his nasal poassages becoming too dry.

It is always way to hot with the heat on at my parents....where they were staying while I was at the dentist.


Nikki said...

Oh, my, Marva! I'm glad you were able to stay calm with all that blood because I'm not sure I would be able to be. I'm definitely glad that things are better.

They're calling for snow here, but I don't think we'll get any, at least, I don't think any will stick. It's too warm at 36 degrees

Mimi said...

Poor little guy! Bella used to have the same problem She had to put vaseline in her nose until she was about 10. She even had them at school when the heater was turned on in the classroom. Now she hasn't had a nosebleed for about 2 years- hope I didn't jinx her!
Happy Valentine's to you and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

Heather said...

What a day! Very happy to know he was alright and the bleeding stopped. We have been slammed with snow in Central PA. Calling for more tonight! I'm thankful I got out this weekend, and had some retail therapy! wink wink