Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Am Only Human

My heart is heavy lately, my shoulders weighted down with things (mostly everyday life). Sometimes I wonder just how YOU do it? How do you manage everything, you know, life?

While June through November are chaotic with the farm and harvest, markets and the like, this "
off time" seems almost as hectic if not worse. I feel like a chicken running across an 8 laned interstate without a head.

I have a plan, I use a daily docket to manage my day to day things. I have a master list for all of my to-do's that need accomplished, I make and use a monthly meal plan, we use Pear Budget to manage a monthly budget, I am organized when it comes to the boys, activities, homeschooling, health and meds (yes, they still have their very own category-they each take between 5 and 7), I teach a small group class, take meals once a week to my aunt and uncle and cook meals on a regular basis for my parents (which I have slacked on of late). I try to exercise but there is never enough time. I do not want to admit it but I have not been making time for HIM either. (I haven't been reading my Bible like I should.)

As far as John and I go we are okay but we both long for better, there is just not enough time. He is working 6 days a week and leaves shortly after the boys get up of a morning and gets home JUST in time to tuck them in at night. On Sundays we have church, choir and small groups. There is little or no time for just "us"!

The boys birthday is approaching fast and I have all the final touches for that. I have just started the long road to the dental work on my teeth and that is consuming in more ways than one. I do once a year spring cleaning and that will be coming up in April. I also have been pricing and preparing for a yard sale next month. My hair was just too much (too long) and I had it cut short (short for me-shoulder length or a little above).

My Mom's birthday is Valentine's day and I have to prepare for that. Order pizza and the cheesecake, presents and such.

I also have decided that less really is more! I have started purging EVERYTHING in our house. I constantly am asking do we need this, are we really using this, can we do without this???

can you believe that next month we will start planting the crops? The tree crops all look great, right now.........that is subject to change. We also have so much outside work to do around our home (landscaping, driveway, building a back deck, weather proofing, etc.). Then there are times that I wonder if I am doing well as a Mommy? Are the boys learning enough? What else can I do to incorporate the Bible in this and that.......I don't think I am doing enough of that. Someone asked the boys the other day what memory verse we were working on.........I felt so ashamed.....cause we have been skipping that of late. They just don't get it.

Then I am dealing with sentimental things. Our house is only so big. This goes back to purging....... how do you get rid of this or that. Why do we have a cowboy hat of my dead mil that was bought 10 years ago and wore once. Why do we have dusty and stained down feather pillows that belonged to my hubby's dead grand mom (we have other things that belonged to both of them and lots of them). He does not like to part with things but I cannot stand all of the stuff! These "things" are not going to bring them back. We have end tables, coffee tables, a HUGE stereo, homemade chest of drawers that belong to someone dead that he loves....... I love John. I just don't like all of the stuff. Grant it I keep small things, like of the boys from their NICU stays and their going home outfit and so on so forth. Speaking of which I also have my wedding dress and bouquet. Do you have yours? Where do you store it? I don't know what to do with mine.......

And last but not least I am publishing a cookbook. I started the process 5 years ago and then I found out I was expecting multiples and well it is still on hold. I have the goal of finishing it next year. The boys will go to pre k4 full time even in my off time next year, so i will have the time to devote then.

I'll stop now, I know I am rambling. So how do YOU manage everything? What do you "keep"? Are you sentimental? I just some insight to how you do.


Southerner said...

Aw, Marva, hang in there. When the kids are your boys ages it is just a season that is hectic. Remember it is a season. Thank you so much for the card you sent me! I went to ER last night b/c I pulled a muscle in my rib cage coughing. I have severe pain when I cough now, but he gave me pain med. It was our school that had the shooting yesterday. My son went there when he was 9th grade. I don't have anyone there now b/c I am home schooling my current 8th grader. Pray for all these kids, we have friends that saw or heard the shooting and others that were locked in rooms terrified. It is really affecting all these kids.

Mrs. Darling said...

Marva its the season of life. Things will get better, they really will. Until then make a prayer knot and hang on!

Julie said...

Hi Marva . . . love all of your rambling!!!

I don't know how YOU do it!

Thanks for stopping by and complimenting my new look. It was fun to do! Learning as I go.

smilernpb said...

I sometimes feel that I am juggling too many things and wonder if what I do actually do it worth any value, or if I am just running around like a headless chicken!

In my personal opinion you do a wonderful job in everything you do, and I do not think that you have anything to worry about.

Sending you lots of hugs xx

Nikki said...

My husband likes to keep things, too. I've learned just to smile and let him, although the things he wants to keep are much smaller than the things your husband wants to keep. Can you just box them up and stick them in the attic or somewhere else out of the way?

Yes, I still have my wedding dress. My mom made it, and I hope that my daughters will be able to wear it. However, it is at my mom's house; we took it there when we moved, and I haven't gotten it back yet.

Mandy said...

So this is my first post but I have been reading your blog on and off for about 6 months. Found you during my second trimester. As a new SAHM (what a crazy thing to say as we are rarely home *LOL*)I want to say to you "God Knows". He knows us so much better than we know ourselves. And he knows what tricks the enemy can use to distract us and make us feel like we are unproductive and bogged down with both large and small weights. So I pray that you can get back to your time with Him and then he can help tread the waters. I am glad that he gave you the gift a peacful morning soon after this post.
As far as the purging goes... thanks for posting about it too. I think it must be the season for it. You are one of MANY that is saying right now "why do I have this... and this and this and this." I will share whats working for me.. what is SLOWLY working for the flylady idea of decluttering (beware if you start this get a Timer). She taught me that I feel rich when I "bless" others with my overflow. Especially with things that are perfectly useful and have a lot of life left in them but I just dont -for any of a myriad of reasons- like it or use it. Maybe you could start blessing others with some of your things and perhaps it would be a minister to your husband and he would be able to let a couple of things go. If not you will at least have reclaimed some parts of your house one shelf at a time and make room for the many memories to come.
Blessings to you and I look forward to reading your posts