Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pictures From Our Trip

Here is the old outfield (now parking) and where
Hank Aaron's #715 landed!

These are the monitiors and phones inside of the
visitors dugout.........we actually got to go in there!!!

Our seats were AWESOME!!! We were in
section 120 right behind 3rd base (Chipper Jones).
Row 13............right on the field....practically!

Here we are enjoying the game!!!

Here we are in a replica of the Braves dugout
inside the museum.

Have a great night! Blessings!!!!!


Stephanie said...

Marva, this looks like great fun! Thanks for sharing!


Nico said...

It looks like you both had a great time in Atlanta!

MyKidsMom said...

Looks like fun!

I'm not a big baseball fan myself, but it's quite different when you're there in person, you catch all that energy going around. And I'd enjoy anywhere hanging out with the hubby:)

Glad you're refreshed and ready to go!

Mimi said...

What fun! I hope you two get to have another get away soon.