Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a great and safe Memorial Day! I am a little late but here goes....... thank you to all of the servicemen and women that have served, am serving and will serve our country! Thank you to my Daddy for his service in the army. I love you Daddy!

Memorial Day weekend and holiday was a blast! Hubby has been working long hours and been gone into the wee hours of the mornings, only to sleep a couple of hours and go right back to work. It has been a little chaotic around here. We could wait for Saturday to come.

We got up and took the boys to the zoo (memorial Day weekend)Saturday morning and they had a blast. We saw all of the animals and rode one of the trains through the zoo as well. We had a picnic lunch while there (that I had packed ahead of time) and it was so yummy. The boys really seemed to enjoy that as well.

On the way back home we stopped at my cousin's farm and picked 2 gallons of strawberries and some fresh onions and cucumbers (ours are not ready yet). Saturday night we had takeout from our favorite cafe just down the road. It was so yummy! They have the best homemade onion rings ever!!!!

Sunday was busy as well. I got up and cooked breakfast for everyone, including my parents. Then I cooked enough food (squash, peas, greens, okra, corn, cornbread and slaw) for my father-in-law for several days and packed it in the cooler. Then we all got ready and headed to church, on the way back we stopped by to visit my father-in-law.

It was past lunch time , so we headed to Burger king with coupons in hand and had lunch. After a quick trip to CVS and Wal-Mart before leaving town we headed home. We put the boys down for a nap and relaxed for awhile by ourselves. When the boys awoke we picked up my parents and headed to Top Hat bbq for supper. It was supper delicious. We all had bbq plates, salad and fries. They make their own Thousand Island dressing and it is soooooo good! I also had a Sun Drop (my favorite soft drink as a child) and then we had fried apple pies a la mode! Yum!

We finally made it home and gave Monkey a bath. Tiger had gotten one earlier in the day due to poop incident that somehow made it's way onto the carpet (ground in), walls and so on so forth. Then it was on to bed. Honey and I settled in for a Billy Graham special, then on to bed for us.

Monday was a day of work and fun! Hubby was off from work. Here's what we did:

mowed the grass
weeded around the house
washed the Durango (the boys swam during this)
swam with the boys (in my clothes and all)
picked squash
put up strawberries
cleaned the front porch off
rearranged some things in the house
watered plants and moved some inside

Then we had company for supper. the menu :

Hebrew National Fat free (97%) Beef Franks
Black Angus Burgers
fresh cauliflower (from the garden) and dip
baked beans
corn on the cob
sweet iced tea
fresh lemonade
spaghetti salad
homemade strawberry ice cream

It was great and so was the company! We had a blast.

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend as well!


Nico said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Wishing you well, and I hope that your little guy is feeling better :)

MyKidsMom said...

This mentioning so much yummy food in one post has got to stop! LOL

Strawberries, Onion rings, and barbecue...Oh my!

It's so much fun to take little ones to the zoo (and big ones for that matter;). Glad they enjoyed it.

It sounds like you got a lot of yard work done as well. I envy your posts about your garden/crop; I'm still waiting for the weather to cooperate here. I may just have to move to another part of the country...:)

Anonymous said...

yes, the food reviews sounded so yummy!! Glad you had a nice weekend!