Thursday, May 8, 2008

Storms Are Comin'

It is suppose to be a stormy day today. No rain as of yet, but how I dread it (storms that is). We are still having wondeful twister season here in Bamaland.

The speech therapist is coming today as well. The boys have started verbalizing more and identifing more objects with words. They have started saying more words in general as well.

Thankfully I am cooking no supper tonight. I fixed spaghetti for us and the Tucker family last night. We have leftovers since hubby got in so late and did not want to eat. My parents were thrilled to bits about there supper of meatloaf (it was frozen in the freezer), butterbeans (cooked in the crockpot) and turnip greens (heated up from the freezer).

Southerner asked why seperate meals...... Well my Dad needed the vitamin k from the greens for his blood. Also, the meatloaf had thawed somewhat from the freezer going out (written in yesterday's post). The sauce had already thawed and I thought I would just cook it.

We probably will go to my parents before the weather heads this way. Until then I am tackling the pile of laundry and spending time with the boys. The therapist should be here at 10am.

Hope you all have a blessed day! Don't forge to enter the contest!!!


MyKidsMom said...

Is this the kind of weather that causes havoc with your crops? Growing up I usually liked the occasionally storm, as long as I was inside snuggled up with a good book. But then, I've never been in the middle of a big twister;)

Have a wonderful day~

Southerner said...

They let all the kids out of school at 11:30 and the sirens went off. They were reporting a tornado that was at the airport going towards Space and Rocket center and that is the area my husband works. Then, after one had been saying they had spoted rotation and the winds were around 50 mph another reporter on the same channel was saying it is just probable for a funnel to form. I wish they would quit announcing tornado WARNING and having sirens and announcing rotation if it is just good probability of a tornado! No one is going to believe them. We were both working near Airport road back when the big tornado hit. We had to pull our patients in the hall, then get their wires back on their braces with flashlights.

Mrs. Darling said...

Goodness weather like yours and southerners would be exciting in a strange sort of way. I mean here it just rains. We dont get exciting weather!

Nico said...

I hope that the weather isn't too stormy :) We are expecting severe weather today and over the weekend too. Gotta love those Springtime storms :) Have a great weekend!