Wednesday, December 10, 2008

1 Year Was When?!

I've been a little preoccupied lately.......make that a lot preoccupied! Anyhoo, December 5th was my 1 year anniversary here in blog world and I missed it. I thought I might give you a few of my favorite things, 25 to be exact.

  1. Seeing my kiddos smile and hearing them laugh
  2. Smelling their freshly bathed bodies lathered in baby lotion, how long can I use that on them anyway?
  3. The Fall of the year.....I love everything about it!
  4. A good book or magazine
  5. A long hot bath
  6. Bath and Body Works, their scents are the best! Winter Candy Apple specifically!
  7. Talking to my parents every night at 9pm to tell them I love them and good night.
  8. Yankee candles (Christmas Eve)
  9. Waking up to my hubby every morning
  10. Hubby brushing my hair and rubbing my neck (almost every night)
  11. Being frugal and getting that sale
  12. God supplying every need and just when you need it most!
  13. My parents
  14. Hearing my boys say Amen! Praise Shesus! I uv ew momma!
  15. Having every piece of my laundry washed, Ironed (if needed) and put away
  16. The smell and feel of my house just after my cleaning lady has left
  17. I cup of hot cider
  18. Canning and seeing each jar safely tucked away for the cold winter
  19. Growing most all of our fruits and veggies
  20. Pecan Logs
  21. Fresh linens on the bed, the smell and the feel
  22. Christmas cards coming in the mail
  23. A clean vehicle
  24. Good Italian food
  25. Sleeping, a precious commodity!

What are some of your favorite things?

Christmas Blessings!!!!

1 comment:

MyKidsMom said...

Congrats on your bloggy anniversary! Glad you're here:)

I love Yankee candles also. Wish I had one in every flavor...:)

"Praise Shesus" How cute!! And wonderful that their little ears are hearing such good things.They're blessed little guys.