Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Boy, Did I Get Mine!

I do not even know where to start, my heart is so very full! I thought it would be heavy with disappointment but I let him lead me and look what he gave me in return! I have a dear friend that is having a hard time.....a very hard time. Her hubby lost his job 3 days after they closed on their very first house. I have known her since I was expecting the boys. She has been so very good to me and my family, even though we have never met. I love you sweet friend and I wish for you not to be mad at me.......please!

A few weeks back after learning of her situation, the message at church was on giving and letting the spirit lead you. The verse was Luke 6:38. I felt it on my heart right there in the church building. I knew I had to do something to help her, but what? We are strapped ourselves, so I petitioned some of you. I sent 20 or so an email asking to send her a gift card to Wal-Mart (for groceries and gifts for her kids). I was not asking anyone to anything I was not willing to do myself. Only two responded, one could help and the other did not feel led to help. I am not mad or hurt, perhaps a little disappointed but God works wonderful things out.

My gift card was returned because I had the wrong zip and I resent it today with some essential items.

Fast forward to last Monday.

The one that said she could help had emailed me and said her children had "something small" coming for my boys. I didn't think anymore about it.

I went to buy groceries at Wal-Mart and saw these darling little Handy Manny trucks. I knew my boys would love them but we could not afford one of them much less two. So, I put it out of my head. On Friday I went to check the mail and the postmaster said I had two big packages and I thought what in the world is that (and from toys r us)? We already had the boys presents bought. I got them home and realized it was the same exact trucks that I wanted for the boys. God was in that. MY friend didn't know a thing about this until now.

But wait, that's not all! Then on Saturday I checked the mail again. The night before i had looked to see how many dvd's we had for the boys stockings, we have 5, not an even number. I wanted 6 but needed the money for other things. Well, in the mail that day was a Handy Manny dvd. God is here.

But wait, that's not all! My hubby's company is not doing well and we knew a Christmas bonus was probably a thing of the past.........but according to a little bird, it will be more than ever. IT should be here the tune of $2500.00! Praise the Lord!

UPDATE!!!! Make that $3000 instead of $2500! Hubby just called and he had just found out!

But wait, that's not out of state customer called and confirmed his order for baskets from my mixes.....all 15 of them at $100 each to be shipped out next week! I also had an order over $100 go out this week and another one for $100 going out next week.

I was certainly not expecting ANY of this but God is good and true to his promises. Check out Luke 6:38! Thank you to my dear blogging friend as well. I love you sweet friend and God has something special in store for you!

I am not bragging, but God is so true to his word. Please don't think I am, I just wanted to show his works........... THANK YOU LORD, YOU ARE SO GOOD, ALL OF THE TIME!

Christmas Blessings!


Mimi said...

That's a big bonus!
Congrats on your sales and the trucks for the boys. I think I know who sent them, and she's a very nice person.
You should have emailed me, I would have helped the friend. I don't know whi it is, but that wouldn't matter.I hope that you have more good things coming this season!

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

How Wonderful Marva!!! I bet your hubs was on cloud nine!!! Great Bonus!

How exciting too about the sales - sounds like the store is doing well! Congratulations!

I loved your post tonight = I read it to my family and everyone thought it was cool as well.

Make sure to take plenty of Christmas pictures to share!

God works in the strangest and most unexpected ways!

Hugs and love Marva!

Nikki said...

Wow! John read your post over my shoulder, and he was impressed, too. Isn't God amazing how He comes through for us in ways that we don't expect? Sometimes we (I) forget that He actually does love us and wants us to have good things.

Anonymous said...

Marva, I don't think you were bragging at all! God chose to bless you and I am so happy for you and your family!!! The holiday bonus ROCKS!!! You are right to give God the glory!! love Heather

MyKidsMom said...

Praise God, blessings abound!

And don't feel like you need to defend yourself or that it sounds like bragging. If that's what people hear, then they are listening with critical ears. I think it would disapoint God if he blessed you in these many ways, and you didn't brag on him.