Wednesday, December 24, 2008

One Weak Momma

First and foremost thank you Lord for your Son and our blessings! You are so, so good!

Today, it all has caught up with me. since I wrote last on the 18th, I have..........
  • made and delivered 24 fruit baskets
  • finished up my mixes and shipped all orders out
  • fixed food and been to 5 get togethers (have 5 more to go)
  • had boys portraits made
  • framed portraits for gifts
  • taken care of tax and title and tag stuff for new truck (talk about in another post)
  • baked 192 chocolate chip cookies
  • baked 14 loaves of bread
  • made 19 containers full of sweet chex mix
  • bought the rest of Christmas from my fil to the boys and from my parents to us 4
  • I also have wrapped way too many gifts (176 to be exact)
  • we have visited santa and his village (at Bass pro Shops)
  • cooked more meals than I care to count
  • taken care of daily household things
  • bought groceries
  • bathed, read and tucked in tired little boys
  • drove around and looked at too many Christmas lights
  • each night we read the real Christmas story and another book of their choosing
  • we have built a gingerbread house and decorated the cookies from that kit
  • we have been out to eat with friends and had company way too late some nights
  • I have stamped and finally gotten all of the Christmas cards mailed out (way more than 100 of them)
  • we have listened to beautiful Christmas music and been to plays at our church
  • we have watched the classic Christmas movies and cartoons
  • we have had a truly blessed season

It has been way to full though. The only thing I have left to do is bake Jesus a birthday cake......we shall see. Also the get togethers. I will be doing little or no cooking for those. The anemia is back and has knocked me on my hiney, royally!

I am so weak today I can barley stand. I called the doctor and they started me back on my meds. I could see the doctor, but not mine and it would be an ER visit, so I will deal with it until next week and hope and pray it is better!

I am ready to simplify things a least at Christmas time. For another time.......

Hope you all are well and happy!

I will be away for a bit, not sure how long but I need a break.I will visit each of your blogs from time to time, but may not be up to commenting, so please forgive me ahead of time.

So here's to you..........Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Please remember that little baby, born so long ago that God gave to each of us, to save us. What a sacrifice, what a true gift! Have you received him as yours? How blessed we are!



Mrs. Darling said...

Good grief girl anyone would be knocked on tehir hiney if they did so much in such a short time. Goodness. Thankfully my days have slowed down because of the snow storm. You take care of yourself now and have a quiet Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you and your family a very Merry and blessed Christmas! Ellie

mom2twins04 said...

You take care of yourself... Get some rest and relax... That is a great idea to bake Jesus a cake.... I love that.... I might need to do that with my kids...
I really hope that you get that anemia under control... I will be praying for you...
Watch it... especially with your heart and all...
Love and Prayers...

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

MARVA . . . you are scaring me! Anemia is nothing to take lightly Dear Friend!!!

We have been very busy as well and am so tired tonight I was near tears. It will all be worth it tomorrow when we Celebrate the Birth of Christ!

Dear Friend you take a break - however long you need.

We love you!

Heather said...

Merry Christmas Marva! I am sure you and your family are having a wonderful day! Yes, rest and be well! Your health is very important! Thanks for posting yesterday I was missing you!

Nikki said...

Merry Christmas, Marva! We will still be here when you get back, so take as long as you need.

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Merry Christmas, Marva!

Many blessings to you and your family, rest up and take care of yourself!!

Nico said...

We wish you and your family the very best this Christmas!

MyKidsMom said...

Thank you for the Christmas card, so sweet! I gave up on getting mine out with the snowstorm and all, so... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

PLEASE take a break! As Nikki said, we'll be here when you come back. But we want to hear that you're doing MUCH better by then. I will keep you in my prayers friend.