Thursday, December 4, 2008

To the Rest of You

I am sorry for the rant. I really wonder about folks sometimes though. I share not to be insulted. Okay, I'll hush.

It is raining here this morning and my kiddos are ALREADY up. I am staying tired. Wonder why? Could it be because I have made over 600 bag and jars of mixes in the last 36 hours (with the exception of help on 200 or so)? Hubby was home yesterday but I did not get as much done as I had wanted.

I also had an eye doctor's appointment and got another prescription. Some of the glands in my right eye are starting to die. My eyes hurt so badly and are so inflamed. The new drop is an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory in one. It was $60 for 35 drops, that was after insurance. So, that make $190 on eye medications alone in the last 2 weeks. I am happy we have prescription coverage but man that is still a lot!

I have run out of labels, so I need to send someone for those. I am not getting the boys out in this mess. I hope it lets off soon, so we can go to the parade tonight. The Christmas parade starts at 6pm.

I am so excited about Christmas this year! The boys are really beginning to understand so much and it is wonderful. I finally got a few decorations out and the tree finished (except for the bows on the top). I also have all of the mess of store containers and boxes left in my sitting room to be gotten up today.

I have a couple more mixes to get done (only about 30 or so jars), so I hope to get that taken care of as well. Then I need to get the paper bag mixes packaged. Laundry is still waiting my attention as well. We shall see how far I get.

Tomorrow may be easier with 3 ladies coming to help with the kiddos, clean and help me with mixes and gift baskets. I will be glad to see their faces! I am not sure that hubby is happy to come home with so much estrogen flying around, but it will be a good thing. I am off to get the day started with a shower.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and many Christmas Blessings for you!


Nikki said...

It's amazing how expensive eye drops are, isn't it? That one little bottle was probably a couple hundred dollars before your insurance. It's because they are sterile, and there is little else that you buy in a pharmacy that has to be sterile.

I don't know who gave you a hard time about having a cleaning lady, but I figure it's none of my business. You know your situation best, and that's all that matters. I say, good for you to have help!

mamacantrix said...

Aw, fiddlesticks. Good help is good help, and if you can get it, take it!

I can't help but giggle about your hubby coming home to "all that estrogen flying around." There's testosterone dripping off the walls at my house, and when I do something girly, my guys react like skeeters to citronella!

I hope your eyes feel better soon, Dearie!

Mimi said...

Every time you mention labels for your mixes, I think of the Luci & Desi episode where Luci and Ethel decided to sell their own salad dressing- it's just hilarious!
I hope that you have some fun and laughter while you're working with your helpers!

Anonymous said...

Just delete those emails/comments that you don't like. Can't please everyone! I do agree that they have no right to judge you! Have a great weekend and a fun open house!Heather

MyKidsMom said...

Sounds like a lot of work. Hoping everything goes smoothly.

Will your online shop be open next week? I guess I'll have to pop in and see:)

Anonymous said...

Marva I takes all kinds of people to question how and what you do in your household.

They are probably jealous that you can do it cause you are frugal in other ways to save so you can have your BFF to help you.

Ignorance is a bliss in my opinion ignore them as they don't have to read your blog they choose to do so.

I love your blog and your friendship

Vicki (wheezymom)