Wednesday, December 10, 2008


There is a little known fact about living in a manufactured have to get out during tornados. Now, many of you will ask, why we don't live in a site built home. Well, to be honest, brutally honest.......... my parents as well as us and my brother and his family live on one farm. My bro and my parents each have site built homes. We all decided that hubby and I would just have a manufactured home and when/if something happened to my parents they wanted us to have their house. It would be simplier to move the manufactured home out, than try to do something with an extra site built home. We could live here forever if we so desired! We love our house!

Some perks of our house.
  • It's paid for!
  • We love it......other than when tornados approach!
  • It is so pretty!

There have been tornados and strong storms allllllllllllllll night long here. One funnel cloud came with a mile of us. I had slept from 10:30pm until 12am. The weather radio woke me up then. I then in turn woke hubby......he had come to bed at 11pm.

We stayed at my parents until almost 3am. We went to the basement once. The boys got no rest and hubby had to leave for work at 3am! My Mom is the wrold's worst to ge the boys wound up and you cannnot get her to leave them alone and try to be quiet. No wonder they couldn't go to sleep over there.

We finally got home and got to sleep around 3:10am. Hubby slept a little over and left at 4:30am. I was sleeping good until 6:30am, when a little boy named Mmonkey woke his Mommy and his brother...........calling..........I want out!

So, we have had breakfast and I have some clothes washing. We are having a mandatory nap time in one hour!!!!

Oh, did I mention that our appointment at 9:30am, one hour away at Portrait Innovations will now be rescheduled. With these two ill boys and one grumpy mommy, it is a no go!

So, for now I am goin to ge the boys ready for their, make that my nap!

Blessings and hope you are safe!


Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

Marva, oh how I can relate - at least about the tornadoes keeping you up all night and being exhausted in the morning!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are all safe....hope you get a little rest today! Ellie

Michelle said...

I'm glad that your family is safe. Take a nap with the boys.