Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pin Pointing Saturday

Today has been eventful to say the least! Here is a breakdown of the day. First off, the boys missed school yesterday due to a stomach bug. Thankfully they are much better and food is staying put. It is no fun picking chunks out of carpet and emptying poo out of pants and underwear just so it can go into the washing machine. Thank you, Lord for a great washer with a sanitary cycle! :)

  1. 6:00am up, get ready, try to get boys to eat some dry Cheerios and have some Gatorade
  2. 7:30am get cooler ready with snacks and drinks (it's our turn to pack these for gameday)
  3. 7:50am pick up my Daddy and head to the gym for boy's basketball game
  4. 8:30am game starts
  5. 9:30am game over (we won 18-10 - WOOHOO!)
  6. The rest of the day was kind of a blur........ate breakfast @ Jack's
  7. home, change, relax, John heads to nursing home to see his Dad, watch tv, play Legos
  8. eat lunch (the boys only wanted cheese, crackers and Gatorade), then nap (1pm)
  9. 3 up, John home, get ready, find coupons for supper, go get John a new phone (his is going out)
  10. drive to Trussville (almost an hour away), CVS, Verizon, Chic Fil A, Sam's (the boys love playing on the ipads)
  11. home by 8pm, boys in bed by 8:30. Cookies baked and coffee made. John and I head to our master bedroom retreat to tv/computer it.
  12. 9:50pm I blog and get ready for bed.........

Goodnight and blessings!

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Nikki said...

I hope that everyone is feeling better and that you were able to get some rest on Sunday.