Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday, Saturday

Well Friday slipped away from me without getting a post finished! I started one on couponing but things got in the way and life happened. I also had a really bad migraine. It was one of the worst I have had in several months.

This morning the boys have their first Upwards basketball game. Afterwards we will come home to grab a bite of lunch and leave the boys with a sitter to head to the hospital. John's Dad has been in the hospital a week today. Yesterday he was transfered to a larger, better facility in Birmingham. He has swelling in his stomach/ abdomen area and it is worse when he eats or drinks anything. He also has swelling in his feet and legs and his legs hurt really bad. He is using the bathroom in his clothes without knowing it. His kidneys are not wsorking at all. He has a bleed behind one kidney. Non life saving surgery is not an option at his age (he's 83 years old). His bloodwork is also out of sorts. We will meeting with an oncologist as well.

Please keep him and us in your prayers. Blessings on this rainy Saturday!

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