Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Decluttering and Finding Organization

I love a new year, a fresh start! It makes me feel like I get a do over! In the Summer there is NO time for anything extra with all the work on the farm. It unnerves me and makes me feel lost in my own home. I am here merely to sleep only. Most meals are NOT even eaten here. I always try to get some things decluttered and organized in the beginning of the year so six months down the road when I go to work in June I can find my way....well somewhat!
I purchased a this calendar from here. Search under products. The one I bought is called Full Sized Page Per Day Planner With Scheduled Bible Readings. The purchase was for the whole year and not just the sample page. LOL! It has Bbile reading (you can get it wothout). I think it was $8 and I had a coupon code for $1 off.
I also found this neat FREE declutter and organize calendar. It is a great tool as well!
Next I made a list of all of the birthday, anniversary, ect. cards I would need for the year and went to the local Dollar General and purchased them. I came home and filed them under the apprioate month so I will never be without it when needed. You can also purchase a few extra general birthday cards for emergencies and such.
Then I took Mom Do It All Pocket magnetic fridge calendar and wrote in all appointments, birthdays and things that I already know so that in the mornings I can look on it to see what the day or week holds.
I keep a Mom's Plan It Planner in my purse.
I am currently going through each room and decluttering. This includes any item that we no longer need, want or will use. Then it's off to the Hope House to donate it. We normally have a yard sale in the Spring but I am so tired of things being piled up so I am just donating everything.
So how do you declutter and organize???

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Nico said...

Sounds great Marva! I've been decluttering around our house too. I'm always surprised at just how cluttered my place can become over the Christmas break.