Tuesday, January 3, 2012

November 2011

This is our newest addition a Labradoodle that we took at just 2 days old. She was 4 weeks in the picture above. Her name is Princess!

Here's another shot of her and the proud "brothers"!
Here are the boys and my parents at Thanksgiving! Doesn't my Mom look great for the ordeal she has been through?!
Here are the boys in their Thanksgiving Feast attire for their Thanksgiving production. John was Little Deer and Mason was Thunder Bird!
Here is John driving us to our first Auburn game!
Little John is so excited he brought his camera to take pics of his fav Auburn players!
Mason is more excited about the toy catalog and picking out what he wants Santa to bring!
Here is our sweet Princess at 4 days old and 9 ounces.
Here are the boys ready tohead to their first "Panther" football game at school!
That sums up November!!!! Blessings!