Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Today's To Do List

  1. Read Genesis 12-30
  2. Make beds
  3. Take meds
  4. Feed pets
  5. Load/run/empty dw
  6. Sweep kitchen and entry way
  7. Clean kitchen sink
  8. Clear/wipe kitchen counters
  9. Plan/cook dinner
  10. Wipe bathroom sinks
  11. Empty trash
  12. Do laundry
  13. Read to boys
  14. Exercise
  15. Quiet time
  16. Prepare tomorrow's clothes
  17. Clean bath mirrors
  18. Clean light fixtures and change bad bulbs in bathrooms
  19. Clean out purse/wallet
  20. Pay/file bills and balance checkbook
  21. Clean toaster
  22. Change boys hand towels
  23. Clean out my nightstand
  24. Send thank you card to Connie
  25. Soup to AM/AP/MD
  26. PO
  27. DG-carpet cleaner/milk
  28. Call Peds East-print out for last year
  29. Mop kitchen and master bath
  30. Vaccum
  31. Iron and put boys stars on shirts
  32. Take Christmas stuff down
  33. Organize spare bedroom
  34. Clea out fridges' freezers
  35. Clean tiolets
  36. Check Mom's meds

Oh my! Maybe this will be today and tomorrow?!


Julie said...

looks like a two day job to me! lol

smilernpb said...

Yikes, Marva that sure is a huge list.

I hope you are doing OK? xo