Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Weekend Get-Away, Date night???

No, neither! John and I have had so much on our plates for so long I cannot remember how long it's been since we've had a date night. I know we left the boys with his sister and we went to supper for our anniversary in October. Before that it had been close to a year. As far as a weekend get-away (just the two of us) was 3 years ago.

Yesterday we hired a sitter so we could drive an hour to the hospital to visit John's Dad. We stayed at the hospital for 2 hours and then went to eat an early supper/late lunch at Chili's. Then we drove the hour home. It was so nice to be able to sit and eat and talk just the two of us. We love our boys dearly but there were NO interuptions, no potty needs, no cutting up food, no spills or messes to clean was JUST us! We would love a get away though!

So how often do you and your hubby go out just the two of you? Or do you? Do you go on weekend getaways together?



Savvy Little Women - Kate said...

Hey! We do not get out all. But it is so nice when we do, glad you got some time to just hang out together!

Nikki said...

John and I haven't had a date night in, well, I can't remember the last one. It was definitely before we moved to Florida, and almost definitely before he took his new job down here. We've needed to plan one, but it took us a while to find a babysitter here, and you can't go out without leaving your children with a babysitter...or at least you shouldn't!

As for a weekend away, let's see. I drove down to Florida in June by myself to look at houses with John one weekend. I left our children with a babysitter and my mother. Does that count?