Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stomach Virus

The last week has been trying. The stomach bug has hit and is attacking the McRae household with a vengeance. Last Thursday I picked the boys up from school and we barely made it by my parents for Lil John to use the restroom. He had diarrhea. He told me he had had it that day at school too. It had it the rest of the afternoon and then that night he had started vomiting. He ran a fever with it too. The nest day I kept both the boys home since Mason had been exposed as well. Friday they both seemed fine except John's tummy hurt some.

Saturday they had a basketball game and they played. Everyone seemed fine and we just rested the rest of the day.

Sunday none of us felt too good so I kept the boys home from church while John went to finish cleaning out his Dad's apartment. We met John in town and went by the nursing home to see his Dad for a quick visit.

Monday I sent both of the boys to school as they felt fine. When I picked them up I found out that 3 students had checked out of John's class sick. By the time we made it home and through the door, Mason had diarrhea. That lasted on and off until after bedtime. At 11pm he started vomiting.

He had diarrhea and vomiting constantly for over 24 hours and he didn't eat for 40 hours. We kept him hydrated with Gatorade. In the midst of all of this I called the peds office on Wednesday am for Zofran.

The peds office had been closed Tuesday due to a tornado touching down in the area. 2 were killed and over 700 homes damaged or destroyed. Please pray for these!

As Wednesday progressed Mason was a new child, feeling so much better. He was up and playing and I was a happy Momma!

However, as Wednesday wore on I got sick. Thank the Lord for Zofran and Imodium. I still feel rotten today and am in pain from the diarrhea and dry heaving. Hoping this bug leaves our house soon. The boys missed basketball practice Tuesday night but have a game Saturday. We also have tickets for the Circus that afternoon. Here's to a healthy house of McRae's soon!

Has the tummy bug hit your house or area? Blessings!

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Nikki said...

I hope that you're feeling better now, Marva! It's so hard when Mama is sick.

I haven't heard of anyone having the stomach flu around here, and I sure hope that we don't get it!