Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Quick Update

I had forgot to put up my Memorial Day weekend post, so you will find it down below.

I really have my hands full today. Hubby went back to work this morning and I have the boys by myself today. I have lots to write and would love to but they must come first. I know you all understand. Tiger is quite rough with Monkey and after these last 2 surgeries he is so sore! He cannot bend down without getting down on one knee. He has the incision in the belly button as well as the other in the private area. He is still in a good deal of pain today. The "glue" sealed in and over the belly button incision has come off completely and the other is starting to peel from the other site.

I hope to be back tonight or maybe tomorrow. This is also the kickoff of our busy season on the farm. Our market opens on Friday. Also another yard sale that day.

I hope to have another post up tomorrow or maybe tonight. Hubby will be late getting home as he is hauling government waste today, out of an old depot. It always takes longer for some reason.

I hope you all are having a great Monday and I'll see you soon! ;)



Nico said...

Wow you've got a lot going on. I hope that your little guy is feeling better, give him a big hug from my boys and me :)

MyKidsMom said...

I hope Monkey heals quickly. I imagine it's hard for Tiger to understand he can't play as usual.

Those garage sales are SO much work- in spite of that, I'm looking forward to having one in a few months. Hope yours goes well:)

Mimi said...

Get well soon, little guy!
Marva, I hope you have a very successful garage sale. My daughter is trying to talk me into having one. I may just let her do it herself while I supervise.

Anonymous said...

Our hugs go out to little Monkey!
I was thinking of you today. i don't know if you've kept up with diaper deals(found out on babycheapskate)but CVS is having Pampers jumbos 7.99 and if you spend 20.00 you get 5.00 in ECC. They have limit of one so i am using my grandmother's card to buy some more! Combined with coupons, I'm very happy to stock up for baby. - Heather