Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Season Pass and Aldi

Today was a great day! My Mother's helper and I took the boys to the zoo today.

We got there when they opened at 9am. It is a hours drive (with good traffic). WE had almost made it through all of the exhibits when the rain started. We rushed (ran like maniacs......me with a double stroller pushing and running) to the pavilion (gazebo picnic area). Thankfully I had parked right in front of it. WE had our picnic lunch, changed the boys and headed on our way.

The good thing is that we did not loose our $38. that would be because we bought a season pass. For a family of 2 parents and up to for children you get it for $99. unlimited admission for a year and up to 15 nights of Zoolight Safari (the Christmas light extravaganza). One more trip will have our pass paid for and we've only had it for a month.

I thought that was great savings.

We came back by Aldi. I love that grocery store. The prices are excellent!

Here's what i got........
2# red s/l grapes $2.98
5 loaves bread $4.95 (whole grain white)
1 head lettuce $1.09
2 - 1#pk. salad $1.98
3 qt. dole strawberries @.97
2 chicken rice $1.18
2 bags chips $1.18
2 # lemons $2.99
16 oz. Spanish olives $.99
32 oz. veg. oil $2.29
lite Italian dressing $.99
3 - 2# Teryaki stir fry frozen veggies @2.89 each
Munster sliced cheese $1.99
2# chicken fries $3.99
2 - 12oz. hot dogs $1.18
2 - 8 oz. blocks sharp cheddar $1.89 each
12 oz. deli roast beef
12 oz. deli ham
fish sticks $2.49
3 - 28oz. cans pintos
64 oz. oj $1.70
4 cans buttermilk biscuits $1.32
32 oz. white vinegar $.59gal. skim milk $1.99
2 boxes vanilla wafers $2.18
hot sauce $.99

Grand total $72.90
I thought that was a good grocery day!
I hope you all have a great day! What types of season passes do you buy? Why or why not?



Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a fun and productive day! I've been meaning to ask you how did you find your mother's helper?? With summer here, I have been thinking of asking a girl from church if she would be willing to help out. It's hard for me b/c we don't know too many people in our community outside of our small church connecitons. Heather

Marva said...

Hi Heather! The one I have is a friend of the family (actually from church). It is wonderful to have her!

Blessings on you!

Southerner said...

We always buy a different season pass each year. When we first moved my dad and step mom came up with her dad and brother. We went to the Space and Rocket Center and bought the season pass for $120. The regular admission was over $20 a piece. The season pass only included 6 people (7 are in my family but hubbie was working) but came with 6 guest passes so we were planning on using 4 for my guests that day. They let us in free without the guest passes. This membership is part of the museum group that allows you admission to museums around the States.

In Florida we bought Disney passes which included Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Magic Kingdom. You had to be a Florida resident. We went 4 times that year, planning not to do Disney again for years.

We just bought pool memberships for $155 for 3 months to our city pool- one indoor and one outdoor plus an indoor walking track.

There is an Aldi in Decatur but I have never been to one. I need to go check them out. There is a thrift store that always has designer clothes- I got Lilly Pulitzer shorts!- they are more expensive as a thrift store but good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Marva! I think I will approach the subject with the mom soon. I could really use some extra hands around here! I am glad you were able to buy diapers last week to stock up. I did the same. Heather

Nico said...

Great shopping trip Marva! I love Aldi too, and I try to make a trip once a month to stock up on all of my pantry supplies. I always come home with a full cart of groceries and rarely spend $40.00 :)

Stephanie said...

Marva, what a fun day! I need to start shopping Aldi for some of our staple foods, we just had one open up in my area. I am really looking forward to when my daughter is old enough to enjoy the zoo! We will definitely get a pass then. This year I got a pass to an amusement park for me, my daughter is still free, and my pass entitles me to bring a "friend" (DH) for free on occasion. With my husband's job requiring some shift work and weekends we thought this would be a nice option throughout the summer. The park has a large area with rides and activities for young children and a water park which DD just adores. We have gone twice so far which more than pays for my pass. The park is 15 minutes from our home, which is an added bonus!


MyKidsMom said...

I'm so glad you had a good time at the zoo. Sounds like you're timing was perfect (rainwise);)

When I lived in the MidWest I used to shop at ALdi's; I don't think we could have survived without it!
I'm so glad there are discount food stores; although it does make me wonder how they can sell items so much cheaper than the regular stores.

Have a great day!

mom2twins04 said...

I shop at Save A Lot some... they actually have some name brand things now... used to , not so much... Also I like Aldi but don't have one close anymore and I hated having to always have a quarter handy to get the carts... but you did get it back... Do they do that down there?
We always get a membership to Holiday World which includes Splashin Safari... In Santa Claus, Indiana. We love that pass... you go 2 1/2 times and it pays itself off... Hope that all is well... Love to read your blog... would love to be close enough to buy some of your veggies.... Also thanks for the goodies!!!! I can't thank you enough... the soup was wonderful!!!! I mixed in some fresh carrots and mushrooms with it and lots of beef... it was really good...