Sunday, June 15, 2008

More on the Coupon Train and Directions for Those Interested

Mimi, Nicole, Ellie........please do NOT mail coupons tomorrow. I have several interested in the train and I will be revamping the train this week. We will be back on track the Monday. Thank you all for your patience.

Some of the people are not mailing out and are receiving (not any of you mentioned above). That is why we are redoing things.

This is who I have that might be interested:

If I have left you out please email me at me and I will give you my address. You can just send me your coupons and I will divide them out among the coupon train participants (if that if good for you). Just let me know.

Once I receive all of the information from those interested in participating I will send a personal email to each participant. The email will include the name, address and want list of the person you will be sending to. The person you mail to each week will NOT be the same person you will be receivng from. therefore, I need every one's name, mailing address, email (you want used) and want list (this is where you will specify coupons you are interested in receiving).

Once the train is chugging along everyone will mail 50 coupons (preferably off of that person's want list) each Monday. This is very important to keep the choo choo going.

Please, Please contact me if you need further assistance or have any question that I have not answered here.

I need everyone (old and new members) to email/re email me the above information no later than Tuesday (the 17th) at midnight.

Thank you all for your interest! i could not do this without you. I can't wait for everyone to start saving those $$$$$$!

Blessings and Savings!!!!!!


Mimi said...

Thanks, Marva!

blessedwith5 said...

Good luck on your coupon train!

Anonymous said...

thanks Marva- I'll email you today with my info. Heather

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marva......I've already e-mailed you :) Ellie