Monday, June 23, 2008

What a Day!

We are staying busy here as usual. I have put up a couple bushels of corn today and this past Saturday. I do mine (like you southerner) cut it off, milk it (heat and cool it) and freeze it, Then this winter it'll be good in the skillet!

This morning I made my way to the Post office (except I forgot to mail my coupons Mimi.....I'll do that tomorrow). Then went to the Pig (Piggly Wiggly) for some sale items. Picked up Ms. JJ, came home and unloaded the car.

Then we headed off to T'ville. There I got to go to two CVS's, Aldi and Sam's. Then a yummy lunch at Arby's. The parents needed supplies for their roadside market and we needed a few things too!

We were back and Ms. JJ was dropped off by 1. We went by the market to unload, home to unload and then up to my parents house to visit with my Mom. The boys did not want to leave, so she kept them for 3 hours. That was a treat for them and their Granny!

I then went home and cooked supper for Ms. KK's family. Her Mom had surgery last week and is very sore and weak yet. I made spaghetti, garlic bread and salad. I also took a watermelon, peaches and a cantaloupe (they picked 800 or so (cantaloupes) last Friday and Saturday). I also tidied up and put groceries away.

I visited with them about an hour, then talked to them about why I was enrolling the boys in pre-school and made Ms. KK an offer she couldn't refuse. She will be going to my markets with me starting next week and will still keep the boys two Saturday's a month while I work.

Praise the Lord for working it out and no hard feelings!!! I am so excited for many reasons. We (I should say "I") have the opportunity to earn some large income in the next two months. God is so good!

I went back and picked up the boys from my Mom's, went home, cooked supper and checked a few blogs. Blogger was down and I could not do all my favs.

I got a long hot bath, honey vacuumed and we got the dw loaded and humming. I also folded 3 loads of clothes. The boys are tucked in tight and sound asleep and I hope to be too.

They was not any work Hubby could do tomorrow that would bring him back home in time for his doctor's appointment at 4pm. He will find out about the surgery tomorrow (for his knee).

I will be going back to the T'ville farmer's market tomorrow. I also have to get some things picked for it. Hubby will be having a tire on the pickup repaired (a screw in it), the tires rotated and the oil on the Durango changed. Our grass has not been mowed in two weeks and that is also on the list. Especially since I found a tick latched on, sucking my blood while I visited with Ms. KK's family this afternoon. YUCK!!!

I hope you all have a blessed Tuesday! Stay safe and cool!


Kylie's Mom said...

I swear, you must have 36 hours in your day whereas the rest of us have gosh, can you get a lot done in one day!!!

Southerner said...

Most people would have had a post about the tick that was trying to eat you alive, but not you, to you it was like a mosquito that bit you and now it is gone. You crack me up with your details!!!!! I could not tell if Ms JJ is keeping the boys instead of daycare of if you are happy that she is not mad about the situation.

Thanks for the reminder about Sams travel. I will check with them.

Nico said...

Wow, what a day! Seriously how do you get it all done!?! I'm so glad that your Summer is going well, and it sounds like your store is doing great too :) Big hugs!

Marva said...

Miss JJ is my best friend's college age daughter that also works another job part time. She kind of fills in when I need her.

Miss KK is my usual Mother's Helper. She was not upset and I was so relieved! She is still keeping the boys this week per her schedule. The boys will start preschool next week (monday the 30th).

Thank you all for your sweet comments!

MyKidsMom said...

Your blog always makes me hungry...:)

I remember ticks from when I lived in the south for a few years as a little girl...I was NOT as calm as you are about them, LoL.

Have a great super-busy day friend!

blessedwith5 said...

I cannot believe how much you get accomplished in one day!
The tick would have sent me over the top!
Your family is so lucky to have you!

Mimi said...

I'm happy that it all workrd out so well for you!

mamacantrix said...

So I'm thinkin' you were the inspiration for the Energizer bunny, eh?