Sunday, June 29, 2008

Typical Summer Sunday's

Our summers are jam packed. There is little leisure time, but we are blessed! This morning hubby has taken my Dad to the market. They left at 6am. My Dad is feeling under the weather and even went to bed for a while yesterday (that is completely unlike him). When they get back they will get breakfast for us and then unload the truck. I am up making beds, ironing clothes and preparing the boys things for their first day at preschool tomorrow. I also am going to try and catch up the wash while the boys eat breakfast.

My brother and sil are already on their way to Chattanooga to the market at this time.

We will all go to church, come home and hubby will get the boys fed lunch, while I go to work. I will work from 1-4pm today. (Mother and Daddy will work from the time I leave until close at 7pm). Come home get us all ready and fed supper and we will go to a community 5th Sunday singing tonight at 6pm (our choir is singing). I hope the boys can sit through it. There is no nursery provided, so we will see. The boys are usually getting cranky by then and their bedtime is not far off from then.

I hope to have them home and in the bed no later than 8pm. They have a big day tomorrow and so does their Mommy.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday filled with HIS blessings!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wishing the boys a fun filled first day at preschool tomorrow!
Hope you can sleep tonight and not worry about them. blessings, Heather

Mimi said...

Have a little you time when you can sneak it in!
I'm sure the boys will do fine at their pre-school.