Friday, June 6, 2008

Blessings Abound.......What a Great Day!

I still have that nagging cold/allergy thing going on and the hiccups most of the day to top it off. My throat is raw and I can barely talk (Bulldog may be happy about that), but I am so's been a great day!

Monkey is feeling more and more like himself every day but still doesn't like diaper changes or such.

The yard sale was today and it was a good one. By 1pm my stuff had made a little over $300! YAY! I still have several things and a car load for the Salvation Army. Nikki, if you are reading this email me at I have a ton of the boys clothes left (smaller things mainly) and I would like to send Daniel them. Let me know the size he is in if interested. The total for the yard sale (several family members) was a little over $700. I thought that was awesome.

Today was opening day for my parents produce market and it was a sell out! Yay for them. They buy the things not in yet (that they grow) to resell. They sold out of tomatoes (ripe) and watermelons (ours are not in yet). They ran out of peaches at one point (thankfully they were on their way in from the orchard). It is open 6 days a week 7-7 and Sunday's 1-7. I do love all of the fresh fruits and veggies. YUM!!!

Then there are the farmer's markets that we sell at. My brother and his family go to
Pepper Place Saturday Market tomorrow. My Mom and her sister will go to the Oneonta Farmer's Market also tomorrow (it is open Tuesday and Thursday's as well). Also on Thursday's My brother can be found at the Market in Centerpoint and on Sunday's at
The Chattanooga Market. We will start gong to one in Trussville June 17th, it is on Tuesday's and another one in Atalla on Friday's. My Daddy also made deliveries to three grocery stores yesterday (with peaches).

The hay was also cut this week and it got fluffed today and bailed this afternoon.

I am loving and living life and putting some of those less important things on the back burner for a few days (laundry, housekeeping, etc.).

Hubby and I are taking the boys to run errands for the business tomorrow, after he and my Daddy get back from the market in the morning. The we have to work the home market from 5-7pm tomorrow so my parents can go to a board meeting at the Finley Avenue market tomorrow night.

Church is Sunday and the home market opens at 1pm. It is our Sunday to work. So, busy, busy, busy..........

I hope you all have a great weekend! What plans are yours this weekend?

We live a hard life on the farm but a blessed life and it is so good!!! Praise the Lord!


Stephanie said...

Great to hear you had a successful garage sale and opening day at the market, Marva!! I hope you are feeling better soon, I'm sure all the going going going isn't helping your cold/allergies any. Take care and enjoy! It is raining raining raining here, our poor plants. We ran some errands today and tomorrow when it dries out and gets HOT we are planning to visit my mother at the pool in her neighborhood.


Nico said...

Congrats on the great sale, and the great sale at the market too! It sounds like you are having a fantastic and fun Summer already :)

We are checking out a local festival this weekend, and I'm battling my sewing machine. It is giving me trouble again, and my hubby wants me to just get a new one and stop complaining :)

Mimi said...

Great sale earnings!
We are going to the
$2 movies with our niece and kiddos, and to a local art festival. On Sunay we'll probably stay home and work in the yard sfter church. I'm hoping to bbq outside for dinner. i've also been baking to stock the freezer w/ goodies for the summer break.

Amy said...

That is great that you made so much from your garage sale and that things are going good for you. I have been thinking of you guys!!

Mrs. Darling said...

Wish I lived close enough to take advantage of all your produce. Your stuff is way ahead of ours here. We just cant seem to get the sunshine!

MyKidsMom said...

I honestly got tired just reading this post, LoL.

What an awesome garage sale outcome! AND market sales as well.

I hope you get better soon; with being so busy,it can be hard to get over those nagging sore throats and such- so make sure you take care of yourself...;)