Monday, September 15, 2008

A Million Miles An Hour and A Million Miles Away

I sit here with my head spinning and my brain on one thing.
Tiger is sick with a serious sinus infection. I took him to the peds office today, after running a 104 temp on and off most of the weekend.

Hubby started back to work today (light duty through October 10th). With light duty comes light pay. He will be bringing home roughly $200 per week. Yes, you read that right. It stinks, but we will make it work. I was suppose to go back to work today but Tiger was sick. I am suppose to go to the market tomorrow, but I am taking my parents to see the neurosurgeon.

Hubby has taken my Dad to see my oldest nephew play "B" Team football tonight, since he is not suppose to be driving. I cannot help but think if my Dad is thinking the same thing. How many more games will he get to see? What will tomorrow's appointment hold? Will he ever get to see my boys on the football field?

I love my Daddy so much. He is my rock. He knows everything about me. I call him (and my Mom) every night at 9pm to tell him (them) I love him (them)and goodnight. He is the most giving, loving and devoted Daddy you could ever meet. The tears run hot on my face as I sit here and type. I let them flow tonight in hopes that I can keep it together tomorrow for him and my Mom. I know there is something going on, why else do they send you to another doctor, much less a surgeon. I know unless the Lord (and he very well could and we are praying for this) preforms a perfect miracle that he will have some type of brain surgery.
The appointment is at 3pm tomorrow........please pray.


Anonymous said...

Marva.......sending prayers and hugs your way......Ellie

Mimi said...

Sending prayers for your daddy.

Anonymous said...

OH Marva, praying for you and your family! It is so painful when a parent is sick. I hope your son feels better soon too!! Heather

MyKidsMom said...

Reading this has brought tears to my eyes thinking of how it could be my father going through this, and how difficult it would be.

We will be praying Marva. Take care.