Thursday, September 11, 2008

An Off Day?

Do we (as Moms) really ever have an off day? I consider an off day to be able to catch up (ironing, washing, drying, folding and putting away laundry). To do canning and freezing and big batch cooking for the freezer.

IT seems my plans often get changed and too frequently.

I am off today. Let me just tell you what I am doing (or have done and it is only 11am).
I cleaned out some yard sale stuff, cleaned out the junk room and made it a play room. I also picked up, cleaned and cloroxed and organized all of the boys toys. I took my Daddy to Jack's for breakfast. (We will not know anything from his neuro tests until tomorrow). I also gathered up a bushel of okra, a 1/4 bushel of zucchini, 40 bell peppers, 10 pounds of Candy (sweet) onions and a 1/2 bushel of green tomatoes. All of that will be done for the freezer.

Now to finish......I also have the laundry, supper and general straightening as well as our master closet to tackle. I need to get some things ready and to the post office. I also need to finish a baby shower present I am working on. The cleaning lady will be here this afternoon. I need to reorganize the coupon train once again, as we have a member needing a break, I need to email my friend T.P. about our BAMOM supper meeting this month and also email my friend C.B. about the same thing.

If you really wanted to go on I could tell you that my master bath cabinets need cleaned and organized and cleaned out and I am in desperate need of removing my toenail polish from June and I need a pedicure (I do my own usually). I have not had my hair cut, nor highlighted since May and it is bad I tell you, terrible. I need to get the yard sale plans organized for next month and do some filing and some more cleaning out. I need to take some donations to the thrift store. I need to make my lists of the boys needs for the winter and try on some of last years fall clothes for them. I need to call and order a battery for my Delphin (like a Rainbow vac). I need to organize all of my canning supplies and jars ( I have over 500 empty jars) and most of them need to go to the storage building. I need to organize my pantry and cabinets and make an inventory list of food (so I will know what I have to cook). I need to stop being so wishy washy and make vacation plans (maybe tomorrow after we get Daddy's test results back). I also need to get someone to put my new kitchen flooring down and soon. It is being given to us and I need to get it out of these folks' way.

Well, I could go on and on, as you see. So, do you ever have an off day? What do you do on yours? I better hurry along now and find something to do with all of this spare time of mine! LOL!!!!

Please keep my Daddy in your prayers as we await the results.........

Many blessings!


Nikki said...

John and I talked about this last week with our trip to the beach. He commented that it wouldn't be much of a vacation for me since I still have to cook, do dishes, take care of the children, laundry, etc.. So, no, I don't think we ever get days off.

Kylie's Mom said...

LOL...I hope you got 5 minutes to sit down on your day off!

I never take time for 'me', I'd worry too much about what was going on at home. The kids would be eating marshmallows and cold weiners for supper with my husband.

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Especially as mothers to young children, we always have something to do. I find I do the same thing when I have time "off" - all the chores that don't get done the rest of the time!

Nikki, it's so funny you and your DH had that conversation, my DH said the same thing when we were on vacation! :)

Blessings to you, Marva, I hope you get some rest soon, and I will be praying for your Daddy and your husband.

Mimi said...

Moms really don't get days off. As for vacations, just getting ready to go away on a short trip is a huge job with all of the preparation for me. It's all worth it though, for the love we get from our families.

mamacantrix said...

Yeah...I don't remember a truly "off" day, even though I haven't had a "real job" since about 6 weeks before thing 1 came along...nearly 11 years! I've been known to sneak off to a mommies retreat at a local retreat house once a year, but I'm gone for about 24 hours and spend the next week in payback chores! You get more done before lunch than I gat done all day, I think. I NEVER seem to get to the out-of-the-daily-routine stuff. If I force the issue, the main part of the house falls apart and I'm playing catch-up for days. I tell myself it's okay that I'm such a slacker since I'm on call 24/7!