Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still A Sneezin' and $25!

My head hurts and my face from all of the sinus pressure. I am a trying' though. I was going to go to the market today but decided it was not worth my time, since all we have picked is apples and I am just too tired to try to get anything else gathered. We can sell those apples at our roadside market.

I am staying home and cooking supper, cleaning out the freezers and taking stock of inventory for later. I also may but up some okra and make some pear butter (like apple butter)..........we shall see! i also am going to pick up some free tickets that my Mom won for us. It appears we (hubby and I) are taking the boys on a little road trip this weekend! Yahoo!!!!

Last night we had our sitter to come while we went out for a free dinner to my husband's sisters house. They had someone to come and cook for all 5 of us couples and it was delicious. All we had to do was pay the sitter. So, for $25 we got a terrific dinner with dessert and lots of wonderful fellowship with friends! Yes, I felt bad, but made myself go. I am so glad that I did.

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will see ya soon!

Happy Fall Y'all!



mamacantrix said...

Okay, two things. First: sit down, for pete's sake! Can't muster the energy to go to market, so you clean out the freezer and cook!?!?! What are you doing at that market??? Silly girl...mac and cheese for dinner, a perfect excuse to cuddle on the couch with extra stories, and leave the freezer alone! It will be there in November when the markets are done, you're back from vacation, and you're (relatively) bored!

Secondly, 2 Mucinex D, 2 Excedrin. That's my Ohio Valley sinus migraine magic bullet. We're known as one of the worst spots in the nation for allergies and sinus problems, so I'm something of a lifetime member of the snot club.

Glad to see you smiling (presumably) again! Hugs!

Mimi said...
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MyKidsMom said...

Hope you're feeling better by your weekend trip. Have fun!