Thursday, October 30, 2008

Confession Time ......Again

I used to be (used to be, being the key phrase here) the most organized and put together person. I had it all together, time for myself, the house clean and organized, laundry and ironing was almost always caught up and I could do a million things for everybody else too.

Then came the boys and superwoman fled the building. So, now what? I am the world's worst to procrastinate. I cannot believe I am actually admitting this. I get something out, I don't put it back. I put most everything off. Emails, phone calls, my blog, appointments for me (maybe that is why my teeth are so bad!). The worst part is I just want to forget what needs to be done.

The laundry is the worst. I know it needs to be done a couple loads each day to keep caught up, but something always happens and I cannot get to it that day.

I'm hoping that things get better since work is ending and I will be at home for a few months, but the boys will too. Not that I mind, but how much should I be able to get done with 2- 2year olds, that are CONSTANTLY into everything and always want their Momma (not a bad thing).

Suggestions? How do you (or did you) keep it all done it with littles on your heels, make that toes?




Mrs. Darling said...

Well you dont really get it ALL done! lol Hey watch jon and kate plus 8. I am amazed at how kate keeps it all done even when the six kids were all 2 years old and the twins were 4.

In the mennonite church from whence I come, lol, its very very common to have children every year. The moms have 5 or 6 kids under 5. I see it all the time. Of course their houses are at varying stages of cleanliness but others of them really do stay on top.

This summer and fall you have been gone so much with the farm work that its no wonder you are behind. You need to go a little easy on yourself girlfriend. Keep the house clean enough to be healthy and just go with that while the kids are young!


Southerner said...

I am one that likes order and organization- I plan to be spontaneous. That was a joke. I have learned that I could either go crazy or live a life with kids. I had to accept my life as they folded towels WRONGLY and put them in uncoordinated color combos in the closet. I figure that these years will pass. I evaluated what is important: having something to eat- not always the fanciest, having clean clothes- not always the trendiest, having what we need- not always keeping up with the Jonses. You cannot do it all. You learn to do what is "needed" and let the other go. One suggestion I would have is to find out what is important to your husband. I know one man that told us that it really bothers him if the utensil drawer has crumbs in it- there could be an elephant in the closet but make sure the utensil drawer is crumb free. It keeps your life happier to take care of the fires that are issues with your husband.

I have always had a routine. It doesn't take long but if done keeps somewhat of order to our home. I pick up the bath, wiping down the sink and counter and putting up all my accessories. Then, make bed and take all clothes down to the laundry. Start a load. That all took 15-20 minutes. Breakfast- put up dishes, wipe, spot sweep/ rag mop spots. Have a couple of times where you pick up throughout the day like after lunch, before supper, before bed. Put a basket($9.99 at Old Tyme pottery for a nice wicker one) and put it in your family room, one in the boys room. I love these because you can quickly throw in a bunch of mess and it looks better jumbled in a basket rather than thrown everywhere. When you go to another room grab something you can take along the way to put up. Train yourself that if you wait to wipe the sauce off the counter it will take longer because it becomes stuck on, so just get it up now and it will take less time.

Your boys are getting to the age where they can help pick up toys and have fun with it. Start early! Make it fun and they will be such a big help and joy. Don't be discouraged. We all go thru seasons and feel defeated. You may be experiencing hormones adding to that feeling. Make sure to eat right, take vitamins and get rest.

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

I still think you are SuperMom!!!

You are incredible with all that you do!

I really agree with Southerner - she really rocks! I have a beautiful little poem just inside my foyer that pretty much says it all. I have sent it to a few friends before - it would be very easy to make one up and frame it.

Come on over to my blog and check it out - it is called Excuse This House.

Love and Hugs!!! Thanks for the uplifting comment.

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

When I'm busy and overwhelmed, I lose my motivation for things like this too.

Do your boys like to help with "chores" like laundry and cleaning? My daughter loves to hand me clothes to go into the washing machine from the hamper and to move clothes from the washer to the dryer. She loves to help me vacuum and dust. Even when she's not really "helping" much, it does give us quality time together while I'm getting some extra value added work done.


mamacantrix said...

Oh, for pete's sake, Marva. I'm so sorry, but welcome to my world! If I ever get within sight of caught up, I get nervous, waiting for the colossal disaster that will send me into a tailspin again. My kiddies don't nap consistently, and DH is home a lot during the day trying to work. (They've been saying 2 wks on his office since Easter!)

Nutshell version? DO what you must to remain sane. Keep it together enough that no one gets hurt and children's services doesn't get called. Make sure everybody has clean undies, and that you have a clean cup for your morning coffee. Beyond that, play! Enjoy the boys, enlist their help when you can, and do what you can when you can. Other moms have survived, and you will, too...dust bunnies, laundry piles, and all.