Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gorgeous Fall Day!

This morning was right chilly for a southern morn.......35* to be exact. I even had some ice on my windshield.

The boys are feeling well and FULL of energy! The Hubby however is fluish. He cannot hear out of one ear, it is so stopped up. We have boiled it out with peroxide to no avail or relief. We have used a vinegar/alcohol solution and ear ache drops as well. Nothing seems to help. The fever comes and goes and the cough is a deep down in his chest. He hurts and aches all over and we are up and down all hours of the night. He is stuffy and cannot smell or taste. Bless his heart..... I am at a loss. I have been alternating Tyneol/Advil and giving him plenty of fluids. He is eating well. We stayed in from church today.

I made a hot pot of coffee, blueberry and apple/bran muffins this morning. I delivered most of that to my parents with their morning paper and picked our paper up out of the drive on the way back in. Then I fixed more coffee, apple wood/brown sugar bacon and homemade peanut butter pancakes for our breakfast. I decided while cooking this morning that today would be a pajama day and it has been.

I have washed dishes, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, done 4 loads of laundry, swept the floors and I have black eyed pea soup in the crock pot for supper and I will be baking a pone of cornbread to go with it as well as a sweet potato casserole with pecan and brown sugar topping. I need to put on some tea for iced tea later (before hubby empties the last of the pitcher) and do a few more clothes. I also have managed to inventory the gift closet and hope to see where we stand with Christmas a little bit later today.

The soup smells delish! I cannot wait to dig in. The boys are snacking on Cheerios and I think I might put a pan of brownies in in a few minutes too.

I hope to get things caught up a little more since I have another dental appointment tomorrow. I have to work for a few hours before I go in though. Thankfully my Mom is going to drive me, as I know the pain I will be in and how loopy I will be.

I also would like to inventory my freezers, fridge, pantry, closet and cupboards, so I will know how to plan for the next two months. We really need to stretch things as much as possible with the holidays coming up and all my dental expenses, as well as still recovering from light duty pay.

We are so blessed to grow and be able to store up for the winter and know how to plan and be conservative with. We have several fresh things for a while longer.

I hope you all have a blessed day and night and all of your families are well!



MyKidsMom said...

Even on a day off you work so hard! I'm happy to hear you and the boys are doing better, and I hope your hubby gets better quickly. Ear problems are nearly as bad as teeth problems. I've never heard of using peroxide, I'll have to remember that.

I hope you can fit in a little rest sometime today. I can almost smell that soup in the crockpot; it does sound yummy:) Take care.

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

The soup sounds so good!!! The temps here tonight and tomorrow night are to dip into the 20's - can you believe it? Right now we are in the 50's with a ton of wind. I hope the dentist goes well for you tomorrow.

Nikki said...

Marva, is it still fall down here, or can we say that winter has arrived? I think winter is here when we have to turn on the heater, and we definitely have to do that with these chilly nights.

I hope your husband feels better soon, and that you and your boys don't get it.

Mimi said...

Good luck at the dentist!
Homemade soup sounds really good,enjoy your time with your mom!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Hope hubby feels better soon, glad the rest of you are doing well. I hope your dental appt goes well tomorrow, hang in there!

Blessings & hugs,