Thursday, October 30, 2008

Typical Is Not My Breakfast

I love a good hearty meal......anytime of the day.

I am not one for cold cereal or anything cold for breakfast. I alos must always have meat with mine. Sometimes if we are ina hurry I have toast and grits or oatmeal. Otherwise, I can eat anything for breakfast. hubby says I have a stoomach made of iron.

I love pizza, spaghetti, salad (I know it's cold), leftovers.......anything along those lines for breakfast. I also love to take ham, spinach, mushrooms, eggs, onion and cheese and scramble it together for my breakfast. Then I add hot sauce to it. Yum!

Usually the kiddos eat at school....however tomorrow is their last day of pre-school for a few months. So, they usually have french toast, waffles pancakes and if they think they might starve to death before Mommy can get a homemade breakfast fixed they eat a pop-tart, cereal or something along those lines.

Some mornings when Hubby is home and on the weekends I cook BIG breakfast's. We also eat breakfast a lot for supper. Things we love around here are breakfast casseroles, bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, biscuits, gravy, fried country ham, grits, fried eggs, hashbrowns and hashbrown casserole. Don't forget the fresh jams, jellies and apple butter too. Add in a hot pot of coffee and some fresh fruit and you have a feast fit for a King!

So, what do you eat for breakfast? Do you like to cook breakfast?

Have a great day!


Mrs. Darling said...

I always have a cup of coffee and a sandwich either cheese or peanut butter. This gives me a whole grain carb and a protien. Its just easiest for me while I make my sons lunch.

Peter has toast and juice or a peanut butter sandwich and milk.

Tink has corn flakes or a bean burrito. I kid you not those are our breakfasts.

Hubby has oatmeal or cold cereal every morning.


The weekend are quite different. Every Saturday and Sunday are the same.

Saturdays breakfasts are hashbrowns, breakfast meat like sausage or bacon or ham, fried eggs or omelets, toast, and fruit.

Sunday is always pancakes in any form, cheese filled crepes with berries, or apple pancakes or banana pancakes or blueberry pancakes, or waffles. With the cakes are eggs and bacon or sausage. This is without fail. In fact the kids call Sundays "pancake day".

We are truly creatures of habit around here.

Nikki said...

I LOVE breakfast!! I grew up eating cold cereal for breakfast, but now I enjoy making something. If I'm not in a hurry, I bake some muffins; if there's no time to wait, I make pancakes. I would love to eat breakfast for supper, oh, just about every evening. And lunch, too. Did I mention that I LOVE breakfast?