Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kiddo Questions

the boys last day at preschool is tomorrow. They will go back in the late Spring/early Summer next year. It is not fesible for them to stay during RSV season and even if they could we cannot afford it without me working (as tomorrow is my last day until late Spring/early Summer next year).

Now, on to the questions. I need advice, suggestions and all out help. This is going to be new for me and the boys both. I want them to have a structured environment here at home. It seems to help when you have more than one and especially multiples.

1. The boys have separate bedrooms. They have baby gates in their doorways. They are in their beds by 8pm. Asleep within 30 minutes of then, usually. Tiger us waking (some mornings) by 5am. He scales his gate and comes in the bathroom with me. Usually I am up and getting ready for my day. I need time to do my devotion and pray, as well as shower and get dressed for the day. I have put him back to bed and let him cry, which in turn wakes up his brother. We also have spanked. We have given him books/toys/water/milk/ snack/ took him to potty/ changed his wet pants/ect. NOTHING (above......together or otherwise) has helped. He still gets out of his room regardless.

Also at nap time, Iam afraid this will become a big issue. The boys only have one nap a day and while they do not have to sleep, Iwould like them to have rest time on their beds for 2 hours. I could let them read quietly of they wanted. Still need suggestions.

2. I need info on any activities to use in home when it is too cold to go outside. Things that are high energy. They have a lot of energy!

3. I also need any info/websites/ect. that have any learning/homeschooling /lesson plans for toddlers. These would be things that focus on ABC's, numbers,songs,colors, shapes, ect.

The boys are 2 1/2 years old now.

So, there you have it. Any and all comments are welcome........well maybe not all.



Nikki said...

I have no suggestions at all for your mornings. Sorry. During naptime, however, you cannot make them sleep or play quietly. Sarah Beth is still in a crib, but she has not napped at all this week. I think she is trying to give it up. If she doesn't nap next week, we plan to move her into a big bed. At that point, I will put her in her room for an hour or so for "quiet time." She will have to entertain herself while I get some much needed "me" time. We will probably have to put up a baby gate or something to keep her in. The only thing I might suggest for your escape artist is double doors, you know the kind where the top opens and shuts separately from the bottom.

Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

Hi there Marva Girl! I have those busy extremely energetic boys as well. We tried the baby gate approach - our boys scaled them. In fact, we woke one morning to find our three year old had actually gone out in the garage by himself. This totally freaked us out! So, we ordered an extra tall gate for across the door and then added a regular sized gate atop it. We attached a bell to the gate so that we would hear the boys if they need something or try to climb. This has stopped the boys from escaping their rooms and doing whatever they want in the house or garage unattended.

Quiet time . . . do your boys like books or blocks? Both are great for keeping my kids busy for a while.

As for high energy activity inside - you have me on that one. There is nothing like letting them run their energy off outside.

Hugs Dear Friend!

Mimi said...

My twins always kept me busy. i don't think they ever took a 2 hour nap, but we did have "quiet time". They would lay down for 30 minutes and read a book. Toddlers are not always good at napping! Things to do indoors-the little riding toys are great, my kids had little fire engines that they"drove' around the house by pushing them with thie feet. I always have had a chalkboard and easle set up for them, watercolor paints, and I had a kiddy picnic table in the family room for them to sit a nd draw and color at, or to play with puzzles. Lots of cute musical toys- mine had guitars and keyboards with microphones.They could last for a long time playing music and singing.Don't forget play-doh, lots of fun! Blocks, and hotwheels tracks are great, too. We also spent a lot of time playing "swimming", I'd sit in a chair by the tub and read while they "swam" in the tub in their swimsuits. Every morning, we'd have "school'. I bought lots of cute pre-school workbooks at WalMart. They loved them!
I never really had any time to myself, but I loved every minute of their toddler years. gates-nope, they never worked here!
Just take it a day at a time and do what you feel is best. You'll be fine!