Monday, October 13, 2008

A Little of This and A Little of That

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! For our anniversary we went out of eat at our favorite seafood restaurant and then we went to the mall where I bought me some clothes, a bunch of clothes. Three sweaters, a flannel nightgown, a pants suit and a pair of slacks. Yippee! I love my new clothes.

Then we went to see FIREPROOF. It was awesome and just what we needed. We both cried. This is one great movie. No s*x, voilence or foul language. It was truly wonderful!

We have talked and talked since and we are Fireproofing Our Marriage. Praise the Lord! We are so excited to be taking these steps together and making our marriage better.

We had a good, laying around, doing nothing Sunday (besides going to church and then to BK for lunch).

Monkey has the beginning stages of the croupe. He is on 2 scripts (a cough med and a steriod for his lungs). Tiger is still well! Praise the Lord for that!

Last night I got three hours sleep, maybe four......definately NOT enough! Monkey coughed and coughed....bless his little heart!

Hubby started his regular job back today. No more light duty and only one more light duty paycheck. He is in some pain, but tolerating it well. He will still continue with PT for another 3 weeks (twice a week). I did not work today. I did get an order ready that I have to deliver tomorrow (80 baskets of apples).

My cell phone (personal one) kind of broke today. You know where the hinges hold a flip phone together? Well, mine is holding on one side. I guess it could be worse! Both sides could be vroke and it could be completely in TWO parts.

I also have a dentist appointment tomorrow. I so dread that. I had a tooth to break when a filling came out of it a few weeks back, so that will need repaired. I also have two porcelain crowns on my front teeth that I had root canals done through when I was expecting the twins. The fillings have both come out of them. Then I have another cavity (a bottom molar tooth) that needs a fillling. I am in desperate need of a cleaning as well. I brush my teeth after EVERY meal and sometimes in between. I have inheritied my parents teeth genes. They both had false teeth by age 22.

I guess that's all I have for now.

I hope you all have a wonderful night and great tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a nice anniversary. Hope the little guy is feeling better soon and I hope your dentist appointment goes well......Hugs......Ellie

Southerner said...

I worked in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. I know that you are possibly on well water that does not have fluoride. If so, you need to make sure the boys get fluoride drops/tablets through a RX (from pediatrition or dentist). They are forming their permanent teeth and need it while they are forming. It really does help the teeth to resist decay and build stronger teeth. Don't mean to stick my nose in- just thought I would mention it. I am glad your husband is able to go back to work. I know that will help financially.

Marva said...

Hi southerner! Thanks for the info.

We actually have city water and have for about 15 years now. The boys' pediatric dentist doesn't seem to think they need anything like that right now. They have saw him twice so far and go back in March for their 3 year old check up. They do not get sugary drinks (no juice either). They prefer only milk and water to drink.

Thanks for the info though. Have a great day!


Julie of blessedwith5 said...


I want to have a date with MY Hubs to go see Fireproof too!

Some people are just more prone to cavities I think.

You have been given an award . . . by me - COME BY AND GET IT!


Mimi said...

Lucky you! A date with your hubs and a shopping trip!