Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Another Bulletin Post

  • There is not much to report.......
  • I have been doing Mason's breathing treatments and taking his respirations, forever. :)
  • His treatments were reduced to 3 times a day yesterday, not enough for him, the coughing is signficantly worse.
  • I take him to the doctor in the morning, at least we can sit on the well side and we are the first appointment! Yay!
  • My aunt and uncle that I cook for sometimes are having it rough. Their only living child (39 years old and divorced-due to her hubby's cheating) had to have emergency surgery Saturday night and is very ill. Pray for her, her name is Pam. My aunt and uncle have her children and my aunt has cancer and my uncle is not well due to lung problems. I cooked a meal and took yesterday.
  • I have meant to get a "garden post" up, but keep forgetting to take my camera to the garden when I go.
  • It looks so lush and green! We have already staked tomatoes and tied them twice! They are starting to bloom!
  • We have baby brocolli shoots too!
  • I will be able to pick yellow squash by the end of next week, maybe sooner! Yay!
  • John's work is still slow and we are back to living paycheck to paycheck. We have some savings and are trying NOT to touch it. With Mason's illness and all we finished cleaning our emergency fund out.
  • Last week's paycheck was barely $200. Thankfully he made a little extra money working on the farm.
  • I am exhausted, but mainly because I am checking Mason's vitals twice a night.
  • His respirations are still a little high, over 40.
  • He is sleeping more and I have to wake him from naps and from night sleep.
  • Little John is being a character due to the fact that Mason is sick and he (John) is getting less attention than normal.
  • The weather is yucky here today, we will eat breakfast and I will get the boys dressed and head over to my parents before the bad stuff hits. Already 80 mph winds, tornado reports and flash flooding in the state.

I guess that is about all. I haven't felt the writing bug like I usually do and just haven't written. I will post sometime tomorrow when we find something out from the doctor. Hope all is well and you have a dry and safe day! Blessings!!!


Nikki said...

Marva, I will pray for your cousin and Mason. You have a lot going on right now, don't you? But then, it seems like you always have a lot going on.

Heather said...

Marva, I found out on Monday there is a tumor in my neck. They had to take a needle biopsy to check the cells. that was not fun!!! He doens't expect the tumor to be cancerous, unless it is in the lymph node then the chance is greater due to my father's history. I won't know more till next Mon when I see him again to hear the results. Looks like a biopsy in the hospital is in my near future no matter what. My soul is tired from the stress....
Sure does make you cherish every moment a little more....
Prayers and hugs to you!!! Let us know what the dr. says.

smilernpb said...

Marva, you are doing so well managing all of this - you are such a strong, inspirational family.

Sending hugs to you all, and a big one especially to little J, who must be wondering what is going on and why he's not the centre of attention. Bless him. I am glad to hear that M is on the mend.

Take care, special friend and try not to over do it! x

Mamaoftwins said...

Big hugs for you. Take it easy and dont over do it.

I gave you an award today, so come on over and take a peek! You definitely deserve this one

Leahann a.k.a Kimberly's Mommy said...

Oh I do hope that everyone gets to feeling better very soon for you all. Will keep them in my prayers.

How exciting to already have your garden blooming. We are just getting ready to start planting here. Hopefully the week after next we can get some planting done.