Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

My first Mother's Day was very special because WE had finally brought our children home from the NICU only TWO days before. My second Mother's Day was very special because we finally given a living diagnosis for little John only four days before mother's day. MY third mother's day (this year) was so very special because my children are finally healthy! Praise the Lord! What a precious gift they are!

The night before Hubby and the boys came in with me a single rose each. A beautiful peach color. Then I found a Paula Deen magazine on my desk later that same night. Then as I was turning back the covers a Snickers bar fell from under my pillow. He is so sneaky! LOL!

My day started off with toast and coffee, getting everyone ready and taking blueberry pancakes and sausage to my Mom. We then went to decoration where my mother-in-law is buried. On the way home I asked John if we could stop at Jack's and just get lunch. He did and we got a family chicken meal. We went home, ate and then took some of it to my parents for lunch. I made my Mom a photo book from the last year's worth of photos of the boys (in a clearance bought album from Target), I also got her a new kitchen rug and some dish cloths as well as some body wash.

I was very surprised by her as each of the boys handed me a card with $25 in it just for me. Then my Mom gave me $50 and the boys each gave me another rose each that my mom had grown (see below picture). We came home and hubby told me to take a nap. I took an hour long nap and loved every minute of it. We then snacked around for supper and hubby gave me his card for me and the boys gave me a card their Daddy had picked out from them. It was truly a very special day and relaxing too. I know he missed his Mom but he sure did a wonderful job making it very special for me.

Earlier in the week, he had told me to pick out a few things I wanted so I did. I found the umbrella below at Wal-Mart for $12. It is huge and I love it. I also got a new pair of pj's and some dish cloths too.

I hope you all had a wonderful day! Blessings!


mamacantrix said...

What a nice day! Happy Mother's day from one mom to another...if a bit late. I'm impressed that you got your post up. Mine's in my notebook, still waiting! But at least I STARTED it Sunday... ;)

Happy Tuesday!

smilernpb said...

Awww, lovely. You deserve to be spoiled.

It wasn't Mother's Day this weekend here in the UK, as we have ours in March.

Hope you are keeping well.

Hugs, x

Mamaoftwins said...

Ahh, it sounds like your day was just Wonderful. Tell your hubby he gets a TON of brownie points for all he did! Whata guy!

Mrs. Darling said...

Whata sweet hubby and oh my how your twins are growing! And hey, ya gotta love hard cold cash now doncha? LOL

Nikki said...

You do have a sweet and sneaky husband! I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day.

Mimi said...

Hi Marva!
Your Mother's Day was wonderful. Your hubby did a great job.I Love the umbrella!!

MyKidsMom said...

It sounds like you were treated royally! I'm so glad you had a wonderful day!

I just have to say that it touched my heart when you mentioned visiting your mother-in-law's grave. I can't imagine how much your hubby must have missed her on this day. We used to always take my grandma (on my father's side) out to eat on Mother's Day, and now that she's in heaven, I still miss doing that with her. I like to think she was looking down and knowing how much she is missed. Oh dear, now I'm crying.*sigh*

Anonymous said...

Your day sounds so sweet! I enjoyed mine also. Hubby babysat for me the previous weekend so I could go hear Jon & Kate(plus 8) speak nearby.