Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I stand amazed at my two little blessings each day. As our busy season approaches (way too quickly), the boys will be starting pre-school again, this Monday as a matter of fact. I cannot believe they are 3 years old!!!

For 32 weekers and all of the medical diagnsois they each have overcome and to be able to say and do all of the things I am going to speak of in a minute.......I stand amazed, not just at them. They did not do this alone and I certainly had NOT a hand in it. God is so good ALL of the time!

Less than a year ago we they were signing EVERYTHING. They each spoke maybe a dozen or so words each, when prompted. Wow! I have worked with them some since they came out of pre-school last October. I am so proud of you boys! My heart is overwhelmed to be your Momma!!! Thank you Lord for all of your blessings!!!!

  • Can say anything. He can spell his first name and say his whole name.
  • Can count to 12
  • Say his ABC's
  • Sing several songs by himself
  • Recite the Lord's prayer, say grace and his bedtime prayer as well.
  • He can draw most shapes and recognize all of them.
  • He knows all of his colors and then some.....thank you Crayola!
  • He is fully potty trained except at night.
  • Can fully dress himself.
  • Does "chores" such as putting dirty clothes in laundry room, setting/cleaning table, wiping dinner table down, cleans up books and toys and keeps his room picked up.


  • Can say anything. Can spell his first name and say his whole name.
  • Can count to 10.
  • Can say his ABC's
  • Sing several songs by himself.
  • Can say grace and bedtime prayer as well.
  • Can draw some shapes but recognizes all of them.
  • Knows all of his colors and like Mason, even recognizes pinks and others!
  • Is #1 potty trained.
  • Can fully dress himself.
  • Does the same chores as Mason.

What blessings they are! Thank you Lord!



Mimi said...

That's wonderful, Marva!
Every day they will continue to grow and amaze you. Enjoy all the litle hugs and hand holding!

whittybrooke said...

You said are blessings! Even on the hard days I'm thankful God saw fit to give me mine. And it sounds like your boys are super smart! I know you're proud of them. :-) Have a great day!

Nikki said...

hoIt's so exciting to watch your children learn, isn't it? I love to watch Daniel and Sarah Beth as they figure out this world they live in.