Friday, May 29, 2009

Reflections of Yesterday and Today's Happenings

Thursday started off a good note, actually several of them! We had a wonderful, yet busy day. We started our day off with all of the regular things, breakfast, brushing teeth, pottying, getting dressed, etc.

Then we headed off to pre-school. We wanted the boys to see their teacher and meet their classmates., so we scheduled an hour to go. Except when I got there to pick them up....they didn't want to leave! LOL! So, they stayed another hour. I got to get our ads in for next week's papers for our "big opening day", while the boys were there. I felt so lost coming home to an empty, quiet home. So strange! I cannot believe they start Monday!!!!

We had two nephews of John's to come and work on cutting brush from the side of the drive. They worked 3 hours and had to leave, go figure. I paid them and they asked if they could come back Wednesday after they go to the beach for a few days. Sure, if we don't already have it done by then. I was kind of ill about the matter. I thought they should have been able to get more done, considering how capable they are. (They are college students)

My 10 year old nephew, Peyton came over to play and have supper, so I hung out with the boys. After supper we played outside. Then when Peyton left, I took the twins over to my parents and got the golf cart. John was mowing my parents grass (it takes about 5 hours to mow all of it), he had gotten stuck close to the blueberries, so we watched him use the 4 wheeler to pull the mower out. The boys thought that was the grandest thing.

After riding around for awhile, looking at the garden, the orchard, cows, visiting with the dog and so on so forth, we headed home for bathes and story time. Their Daddy was home by then and we got them in bed. Then I headed for a long bath. It was a nice, long, bath and it was so nice. John and i had some tv/computer time and then off for a good sleep. Except nausea and a screaming child woke me at 2:30 this morning then I was in the bathroom for over an hour and a half. Yuck! I slept in until 5:45 then.

Last night we got some interesting news, there seems to be a job coming available that john is suited for......perfectly I might add. It is local, pays very well and great benefits. It is not a driving job and that is the best part! He loves the "idea" of the job. So, we are going to call this am and find out more info. Please pray that the Lord will open the doors if this is his will.

John has gotten to work three days this week! Praise the Lord!

Thankfully my helper is coming today!

  • On my to do list today is call phone co.
  • call KB
  • call DP
  • Sam's
  • PO
  • Aldi
  • Wal-Mart
  • Kohl's?
  • hair appt. (I'm getting at least 5 inches cut off and a highlight)
  • Penny's
  • Sally's
  • pay bills/bal. checkbook

My parents are at a convention that my Daddy is speaking at. My brother is spraying the apples this morning for brown rot, then there is lots of squash, cucumbers, Chinese cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli to pick. And guess what? Peaches too! We will pick the first few baskets today. Yay! We are so excited! These things will be sold at Pepper Place (by my brother) tomorrow. this is just one of the many markets that we go to. Sunday he (my brother) will be at the Chattanooga Market selling some of the same things. What a busy year it is shaping up to be! Praise the Lord!

Hope you all have a great day and a wonderful weekend!


Mimi said...

It's really great that the twins like their pre-school!
I'll be praying for a job offer for your hubby.
Hugs, Mimi

Mamaoftwins said...

Wow, your crops sounds wonderful. I wish I lived closer so I could purchase some :) Yummers

How funny about the twins not wanting to leave. They feel comfortable so thats great!

Nico said...

Your boys are doing great, and they will love Preschool. My little guy really wishes that he was big enough to go :) Wishing you all the best during your busy season!

MyKidsMom said...

I'm so happy for you that your crops are off to a good start. It sounds like you're going to be busier than ever.

I'll add my prayers to the job prospect. Sounds like it would be a great fit for your family. Take care.

Mrs. Darling said...

I have a question about your broccoli. Do you guys grow it out in the open sun? All the info I can find says its a cool weather crop and if grown in the summer you must make sure the soil stays cool. Can you tell me a little bit about how you grow this?