Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Can You Get For $85?

Tuesday my mom and I hit Aldi on our way home from the doctor. We do not have one locally, so I try to get there once or maybe twice a month. I heart Aldi.

I spent $85. Here is what i got:

6 cans mushrooms
10 ct. waffles
1#curly fries
frozen 2# bag stir fry
4 cans pork n beans
4 cans tomatoes w/ chiles
4 cans refried beans
4 cans black beans
2 - 8oz. blocks cheddar cheese
2 pkg. deli style sliced cheese
2 -250 ct. napkins
2 - 100 ct. paper plates
8 ears fresh corn
2 - 10 ct. flour tortillas
2- 64 oz. cartons oj
2 boxes cereal
48 oz. veg. oil
peanut butter wafers (10 ct.)
3 boxes rice mix
2 -12 ct. pk. string cheese
sweet and sour sauce
2 pk. taco seasoning
hamburger dill slices
2 cantaloupes
10 # sugar
head of lettuce
2 English cucumbers
1# bag salad
4# red seedless grapes
pretzel sticks
bbq chips
5 loaves bread
3 dozen eggs

Grand total: $84.81

I got some awesome savings! Do you have an Aldi close by? How often do you shop there?



Nico said...

Great Aldi run! I love to shop at Aldi, and I'm working on a stockpile list and I hope to get there next week. You can't beat their amazing savings.

Kristi said...

wow sure wish we had an Aldi near us. I have never even heard of that store, but I could sure use some great deals like that.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Aldis. Its pretty much my everday grocery store anymore since our Krogers closed down. I am usually there once a week and love it.


Mimi said...

No Aldi here, but the prices sound similar to Winco. That was a great shopping trip!

smilernpb said...

We have an Aldi near to us. I love the fact that they sell cheap fruit and vegetables of good quality. I stocked up this week!

Also they sell these breaded cheese things that P loves, so I tend to stock up on a few boxes whenever I go.

Hope all is well with you? xx

MyKidsMom said...

Good job shopping Marva! I hearted Aldi's when we lived in the MidWest:) We live about 20 minutes from a Winco now. It's bigger than Aldi's, and can be a little tough to get through the crowds, but I still try to make it there about once a month.