Wednesday, February 6, 2008

CVS Savings

I did make it to CVS today and got some great bargains! Here's the rundown.


5 Boost Smoothies $1 each and got $1 ECB back on each
2 - 8oz. Purrell Hand Santizier $3.79 each - $1 man. coupon on each and $2 ECB back on each
2 - 2 pk. Energy Drinks $4.99 each , $4.99 ECB back on each
Precision Xtra Diabetes Monitior (regular $77.99) on sale for $19.99, got $19.99 ECB back
2 - 100 ct. Excedrin $6.99 each, -$3 man. coupon on each and $10 ECB back
2 Johnson's Buddies Bars $.99 each -$1 man. coupon on each
3 - 3pk. Maybeline eyeshadows $5.49 each and got $5.49 ECB back on each
5 - 36 ct. CVS Chewable asprin $1.79 each and got $1.79 ECB back on each
CVS 20 ct. Allergy and Sinus Medicine $4.29

My total before coupons , discounts and ECB was $96.16. I used a $10/$50 CVS coupon, $2/$10 on CVS product coupon, $10 man. coupons and $54.00 in ECB from previous trips. I ONLY paid $20.16 out of pocket. Then I had $$74.39 back in ECB!!!!

Transaction #2

2 - 14 oz. bags of M&M's 2/$4 -$1/2 man. coupon and $2 ECB back
Vo5 shampoo $.77
VO5 conditioner $.77
24 ct. Zantac 150 $10.19 - $5 CVS coupon and $5 man. coupon
500 ct. Johnson's cotton swabs $2.99
Garnier Fructis shampoo $3.99 - $3.99 ECB back
3 - 48 ct. pk. Nutri Trim Gum $3.99 each and got $3.99 ECB back on each
Gillette Fusion shave gel $3.69- $2 CVS coupon and $1 man. coupon
Gillette Phenom Power Razor $9.99 and got $6 ECB back
L'Oreal duo eyeshadow $4.99 and 75 % off (pd.$1.25)
2 BonneBell Liplites $2.49 each -75% off ($.62 each)
2 - 6oz. Colgate Max Fresh Toothpaste $2.50 each - $.75 man. coupon
7.5 oz. Softsoap for hands $1.50 - $.35 man. coupon
18 oz. Softsoap Cashmere bodywash $3.99-$.75 man. coupon and $5 ECB back on the above 4.

My total before EBC, coupons and discounts was $68.82. I used a $4/$20 , man. coupons $9.60, CVS coupons $7, discounts $7.48 and ECB from transaction#1 $39.95. I ONLY paid $.79 out of pocket!!! I also got another $28.96 back in ECB.

For all of the above I paid $20.95 out of pocket and still have $63.40 left in ECB to use later!!! I also saved $202.03 (including the $58 on the diabetes kit). Yippee!!!!!! I am just thrilled to pieces.

Happy saving!!!!


Nico said...

WOW!!! All I can say is WOW! You saved so much shopping at CVS :) Great job!

Mrs. Darling said...

Lookin' good girl! Great savings!

Mrs. Darling said...

Lookin' good girl! Great savings!

Marva said...

Thank you mrs. Darling and nico. I amtrying really hard these days. I think it might be paying off.;)


Nikki said...

I wish I could go CVS shopping with you to learn the ropes!

Sharon said...

I happened across your blog from and saw you used coupons to CVS. I was just wondering where you got those from. I can not believe how much you saved from there. I am just a beginner and love reading about other's savings and trying to learn from them.

Marva said...

I would love to take you Nikki! I think you know crystal over at moneysavingmom. I love reading her stories and how she saves. She is a real inspiration. I think her link is on my sidebar, if not I will put it up.


Marva said...

Hi Sharon. Thanks for stopping by. Stop by Crystal's blog at Money Saving Mom. She has some awesome tips and she is a veteran at the CVS thing. Her link is on my sidebar.

The coupons. The $10/$50 came from receipts. They had printed at the bottom of 2 different ones in the past. The $4/$20 came via email. One this week and one last week. Sign up for their emailing list and they will start you off. Just go to

Right now there are no new coupons circulating out there that I know of. Usually when there are Crystal at money saving mom is the first to know and she will post the links on her site.

I hope this helps and I hope you become a regular. Many blessings and the CVS thing will come with ease in time. Blessings!!!!

Mimi said...

Great job! I took the kids there to stock up on Purell. They use a lot of it at school!